Upcoming meetings will be announced by email and through this website. We typically meet in CAS 502. We may occasionally cancel a meeting or otherwise deviate from these plans, so it’s best to sign up for our Mailing List to keep up to date on BUAS activities.

CAS 502 is located on the western-most tip of CAS (near Marsh Plaza). Just take the elevator up, and 502 will be the second door to your left as you enter the 5th floor.


It is important to note that CAS actually has two 5th floors, one on the east side and one on the west side. If you end up on a 5th floor which lacks astronomy propoganda everywhere, then you’re probably on the wrong side.


Some of our activities include listening to guest lectures, watching sci-fi movies, and keeping up to date with recent space news.

Many of our past guest speakers hail from our own astronomy department and are of all ages, from professors to undergraduates. Previous topics have included exoplanet formation and detection, heating of the Sun’s corona, Martian lander missions, and more.

In addition to our normal activities, we often take on a semester-long project to keep us busy. The Spring 2014 project was to construct an orrery (a model of the Solar System) from a parts kit. Here is the result:


Coming in the Fall of 2015, we will begin the Catalog of the Cosmos, an ambitious astrophotography project in which we will use BU telescopes to image the best that the Boston sky has to offer!