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Summer Time!

Hey Everybody, Hope everyone’s summer is going well and you’re staying in shape for the coming school year! Summer is a time to relax and do things but that’s no excuse to throw away all of the work you did in the gym. Go out, find a gym to train at whether or not they […]

Some Administration Things

Hey guys, Another great practice as usual. Saw some good live rolling from everyone tonight. Y’all are really absorbing what we’re teaching you. So just one order of business. As Mitch mentioned at the end of practice, we are going to ask that dues be turned in by next Friday September 14. Dues will be […]

Great Practice!

It was good seeing everyone yesterday at practice. Y’all picked up the techniques really well and were a fun group to coach. Just to let you guys know are next practice will be Thursday 8:00P.M.-11:00P.M. in L137. Same time and place as yesterday’s practice. We’ll have the same format, half grappling and half striking, as […]

Another New Year!

Hey everyone hope you all had a great summer and for those of you coming back to BU hope it was relaxing and rejuvenating. For all of you freshman out there welcome to BU and We’re glad to have you all in the terrier family. So tomorrow is our first practice of the year! If […]

Administrative stuff

Hey everyone, we are in the process of organizing this year’s roster, so make sure you sign the sheet we’ll have at practice tonight.  Also, dues will need to be turned in by no later than Friday, Sept. 16.  $140 for the semester or $25o up-front for the whole year.  Cash or checks, make checks […]


Hey everyone,  with so many new faces at practice, it’s hard to keep tabs on everyone and send out information.  So, head on over to our Facebook page and like us for updates on practice schedules/cancellations, and other relevant info.  Also, the practice schedule on this site has been updated. We look forward to training […]


This semester’s practice schedule is up.  Check the “Practice Schedule” page.

A new year!

Our first practice is Tuesday September 6, at 8pm in room L137 of FitRec.  That’s the multipurpose room near the base of the rock wall.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Welcome to the Boston University Jiu-Jitsu blog page.  More information is pending, as the page is still under construction.