Meet the BUBJJ Family



Jesse Chan – CAS’19

As President of our club, Jesse is an inspirational leader and martial artist. His experience in martial arts includes 10 years in Jow Ga kung fu as well as four years of folk style wrestling. With this background, he has proudly and gratefully included Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into his repertoire since his freshman year.

His goals as president are to push the club and test its limits. He believes that since there is no real retention of knowledge without serious application, it is essential that the club gain more opportunities to compete than ever before. Moreover, he aims to prioritize the strengthening involvement in the Boston and New England BJJ community.

Jabs 1 Vice President

Jabari Evans – CAS’19

Known to his friends as “Jabs”, Jabari grew up boxing and doing various other martial arts during his childhood. Jabari joined BUBJJ in his freshman year with no experience in Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai. Now a Junior, he is developing very well in both disciplines, and has been doing excellently in teaching our newcomers the basics of Jiu Jitsu.

As the Vice President and one of our most responsible members, Jabari is our club’s designated van driver. Moreover, he is an excellent cook, and never fails to make everyone satisfied with his skillfully prepared food during club gatherings.


SporRoja 1ts Information Director

Tanat (Mac) Rojanapiensatith –Questrom’19

Hailing from Thailand, Mac is has lived in the land of Muay Thai for his whole life. Ironically, he knew nothing about his country’s national sport until he came to the United States as a freshman in BUBJJ. His initial interest in Muay Thai eventually became an obsession that he is now keen to share with his team members.

As the Sports Information Director, Mac is responsible for keeping past and present members updated about the club’s plans and activities, as well as marketing for the club. His goals for BUBJJ this year is for newcomers to have a smooth transition into the club and increase member retention. Most of all, he wants every member of the club to enjoy the mentally therapeutic benefits of martial arts as best as they can.

Spence 1


Spencer Tai – CAS’19

Despite only having 2 years of experience in Jiu Jitsu, Spencer is 0ne of our club’s most skilled practitioners. Combined with his flexibility, his cerebral approach to Jiu Jitsu makes him an extremely technical opponent to face on the mats. He is simply predictably unpredictable, both on and off the mats.

Like his Jiu Jitsu style, Spencer’s interests and hobbies are very unique. He spends his free time learning more about history and archaeology, with historical martial arts (such as HEMA) in particular. Moreover, he also enjoys the sport of rock climbing. Nonetheless, Spencer also enjoys indulging himself with gaming and watching anime. His goal for this semester is to increase our members’ drive for BJJ and to help the club’s growth and expansion.

Ben 1

Junior Officer

Benjamin Inglis –CAS’20

Also known by his peers as “Little Ben”, Benjamin has been involved in grappling sports since 7th grade when he started doing judo in California.  He wrestled throughout high-school until junior year when he switched his focus to judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He currently ranks as a brown belt in Judo and a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He hopes to achieve his blue belt by the end of next summer.

As Junior Officer, Benjamin has been instrumental in leading warm ups and teaching newcomers the fundamentals of grappling during open mat. His patience and humor makes him an asset to the club.


Oppa 1

Honorary Senior Officer

WooJae Kim –COM’17

WooJae, also known as “Jae”, came to BUBJJ as a shy freshman with completely no knowledge in Jiu Jitsu. However, it is according to him that BUBJJ and Jiu Jitsu completely changed his physicality and his outlook on life. After four years of focused training, Jae is now a blue-belt under Professor Alex and is our club’s most experienced member.

Jae has been absolutely outstanding in being a teacher, mentor, and role model to our younger and less experienced members. His contributions to our club’s performance has been immense, and we cannot thank him enough for his efforts in sharing his knowledge with us. By the beginning of October, Jae will be returning to his home country of South Korea.

We all wish you the best of luck in the future and please keep in touch with us! We’ll really miss you Jae!

A Blast to the Past: Our 2014-2015 E-board

Nina Gonzalez-Park, President


Spearheading our club for the coming year, will be our new President Nina Gonzalez-Park, a rising senior who joined the club in her freshman year. Patient, approachable, and energetic, Nina aims to increase our presence and reach in the BU community, and have our club achieve even more success at tournaments.

Rodrigo Bonilla, Vice President


Leaving his position as Social Media Director will be new Vice President Rodrigo Bonilla, a rising senior who also joined the club as a freshman. Passionate and disciplined, Rodrigo hopes to recruit an ever greater diversity of new members for the upcoming season, and devote more attention to our newer and less experienced teammates.



Andrew Smith, Treasurer

Risng junior Andrew Smith will keep his position as treasurer in the coming year. One of the club’s more experienced members, Andrew’s tenacity on the mat is complemented by his friendliness and humor off the mat. Andrew is setting his sights on attending more tournaments and attracting more new members.






David Eun, Sports Information Director

David Eun will also stay as Sports Information Director this year. Amiable and humble, David is one of the most conditioned members in our club, and his experience learning under Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles, one of the most accomplished jiu jitsu practitioners in the world, also makes him one of the most talented in the club. For the upcoming season, David hopes to work on our standup game and wrestling skills to complement our ground game.

Lucas Thomas, Social Media Director

Only having joined the club this past year, rising sophomore Lucas Thomas’ friendliness, humility, and humor quickly helped him find a home at our club.  Besides having some of the sickest tattoos we have seen, Lucas has been one of our most dedicated members this semester, attending almost every practice to date. His experience with ballet as a child is no laughing matter, as his flexibility has made him one of the hardest guys to submit on our team. Through Lucas’ help, we hope to improve our flexibility, which is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of jiu jitsu. As a student under the College of Communication, it is fitting that Lucas will now be our new Social Media Director.

Tom Fischer, Senior Officer


Joining the team of officers will be Tom Fischer, a rising senior who also only joined the club last year but was immediately hooked and bitten by the jiu-jitsu bug. Tom takes a very cerebral approach to studying techniques, and his willingness to learn and attention to detail has provided him with an impressive knowledge of the art after only being in the club for a year. Tom’s experience with nutrition and conditioning as a high school track athlete  will be invaluable to our team. Next year, he hopes to put more attention on the self-defense aspect of jiu jitsu while still focusing on competition. Tom is an IR major at the College of Arts and Sciences.