Why launching a website is necessary for your business

Due to the rapid advancement of technology and online infrastructure, many businesses have launched websites for their business to ensure success and increase profitability.

In recent years, starting an online business has progressed slightly. But with the outbreak of the Covid epidemic, the speed of accepting online businesses increased with an incredible rate.

This made people more and more aware of the benefits and advantages of online shopping, which led to its acceptance and normalization among a wide range of people in the community.

Many businesses, seeing these statistics and received feedback, launched a website and developed their business online.

It is estimated that by next year, more than 90% of businesses that have operated traditionally will go online. Because of the services provided by online businesses and avoiding wasting time, many people prefer to make their purchases online.

Rabsana website and application design company has also designed and developed various scripts for various businesses.

In the following, we will review some of the products and services of Rabsana website and application design company.


Digital currency exchange scripts

Ramzin: Online website script for buying and selling currency with a dedicated wallet

XCoin: Automated script for a centralized digital currency trading site

Bidramz: Peer-to-peer or p2p script for buying and selling digital currencies

Arzmaye: Currency platform for buying, selling and investing digital currencies


Script for setting up health and medical websites

Nobatyar and Shafakadeh: These scripts are a comprehensive platform for online management of medical and health centers that aim to prevent overcrowding of clients, proper management of staff and increase the speed and quality of response.

Online Shop script

Digimarket: One of Rabsana’s most popular products is the script for setting up an online shop. Everyone can use this script to set up their online shop.

Harajestan: Launching auction websites is one of the careers that has many fans. For this reason, Rabsana has developed the auction script in a way that has outstanding features and capabilities to attract users and satisfy them.


Reservation Website Script:

Ghazayab: All restaurants and delicatessens can use this script to set up an online website for food delivery. This script has a special design and user interface so that users can easily select and order the food they prefer.


Belitam: This script is suitable for jobs related to the transportation industry. you can use this script to speed up the process of booking and selling tickets significantly.

Jayab: If you have a hotel, inn or an accommodation place, you can use Jayab script to attract customers from all over the world. Jayab user panel is designed in such a way that users can easily be informed about the features of their desired location and book a suite.

Remote Work-related scripts

This category of products includes Barnamejou, Projeyab and Joinkade scripts. From the time of the covid epidemic to the present day, these scripts have become very popular.

Remote working related scripts are one of the best choices for launching freelancing websites that have a professional and practical user interface for proper management of freelancers and employers.

Media scripts website

Videonama: If you own an online school or are interested in setting up a video content sharing platform, it would be wise to use a Videonama script. Because this script has countless settings and features for managing files and has been developed in a way that has a very high speed.

Ahangestan: As its name implies; Ahangestan script is for managing and sharing audio content (songs, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.). So far, many bands and singers have been able to use this script to manage the publication of their works well and receive positive and constructive feedback from their fans.



This category is one of the sections that Rabsana Company has considered to introduce products, services and attract users.

This category includes sections that have a huge impact on increasing your brand reputation, which makes the visitor understand in the best way, goals, records and the reason for your superiority over competitors.

SEO and optimization:

One of the most important factors in increasing reputation and customer acquisition is search engine optimization (SEO).

With effective and proper SEO, you can ensure that your website is on the first page of search engine results page (SERP). This has made SEO one of the most important and vital approaches to introducing brands. Each search engine has its own unique rules for ranking a website. For this reason, knowing the rules of different search engines and optimizing the website according to the rules has become a specialized matter.

Quality control tests:


By designing various tests, Rabsana company ensures that your website is technically safe, completely secure and its user interface is professional and friendly. You will see some of the tests below.

Security tests:

Ensuring the security of information in the website database such as users’ personal information, confidential business information, passwords to gain access to website settings, etc. has become one of the main concerns and worries of website administrators.

Therefore, Rabsana Company, by designing various security tests, ensures that your website is highly secure and that there is no way for hackers or cyber attackers to infiltrate confidential information.

Usability tests:

These tests refer to the evaluation of a product or a website before even after publication.

This test provides useful information about the type of design, user friendliness, satisfaction and product performance, which makes you realize all the flaws and shortcomings to provide an amazing user experience.

The more comfortable and satisfied the users of your website are, the more time they spend on your website, which will increase your website rank amazingly, and the search engines will Classify your website as a user-friendly and functional website.

The importance of user interface and user experience (UI / UX) is so much that Jeff Bezos, in the first year of Amazon, invested 100X more in user interface than advertising, and as you know, today Amazon has become one of the largest companies in the world.

Responsibility Test:

One of the most important features that a website should have, is responsiveness or usability. Because, almost 70% of users use their smartphone or tablet to surf the Internet.

Responsiveness refers to the ability of displaying websites correctly on different devices with different screens. This is why responsive websites attract more users than other websites.

Speed and Efficiency test:

According to the research, if the loading time of your website takes more than 2 to 3 seconds, the user will be disappointed to see your website and leave it. Leaving the website early is one of the factors that cause a negative score from Google algorithms which is called bounce rate.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your website loads in less than 3 seconds.

To do this, you should periodically review your website code to optimize the speed and efficiency of the website.

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