How to prosper in Core, part two

More advice from Core alumni reaching out through the Core Facebook Wall and the EnCore online community to support first-year students in their first fall in Core. See the first batch here.

  • Jennifer Formichelli, Core lecturer:: Read all the books in a quiet place in a nice chair with your cell phone and computer off. Allow yourself to enjoy the privilege of having time and space to truly learn without distractions. Believe me: your texts, messages and Facebook can wait.
  • Jennifer Kalik, Core ’10, CAS ‘12: Go to CORE events. They are always awesome. Always.
  • Justin Ryan, Core ’00, CAS ‘03: Yeah, we must be reminded of Professor Jorgensen’s repeatedly-needed dictum: “READ THE BOOKS. GO TO CLASS.”
  • Kaitlin Young, Core ’08, CAS ‘10: Hang in there for both years. You’ll be the better for it.
  • Lauren Pabst, Core ’03, CAS ‘05: Get ready to connect those dots. How do we know what we know we know? If you’re like me, you were not used to such in-depth discussions coming from your high school experience. Don’t panic! Pay attention. Soon you might be making those connections like your name is Stuart Kendall [a former faculty member –Eds.]
  • Margotlane Strasburger, Core ’06, CAS ‘09: All of the classes in both years are immensely rewarding. Don’t let yourself miss out on the social sciences.
  • Michael Maguire, Core ’91, CAS ‘93: I took Core before FB or texting. Learn to go without sleep and try not to laugh too loudly when non-Core people complain about their course load. Take a class in Latin, or Ancient Greek, or whatever so that you can better understand the tremendous influence of the Core authors. And always listen to Professor Jorgensen, always.
  • Miranda Marchese, Core ’10, CAS ’12: Take a class with David Green in the second year—he’ll improve your writing by leaps and bounds.
  • Peter La Fountain, Core ’02, CAS ‘04: Appending the above maxim: find a place of interest, comfort, and focus to study. Someplace stimulating. ERC works well (either location). And if you do get off track with your readings, forgive yourself quickly, and get back on track.
  • Robyn Fialkow, Core ’07, CAS ‘09: Complete the readings BEFORE the lectures!
  • Samantha Khosla, Core ’94, UNI ‘96: If you don’t drink coffee, start now.
  • Tara Abbatello, Core ’95, CAS ‘07: Read the books. Come to class. Ok, I can’t take credit for that advice, everyone on this list knows that’s what Prof. Jorgensen says the first day. However, it is good advice, not just for Core, but for all your classes. But especially for Core. Really.

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