Book-Based Libations

Fabiana Cabral (Core ‘08, CAS ‘10), a member of the EnCore steering committee, writes:

Attending an EnCore Book Club meeting is a great way to witness how well-placed adult beverages can truly stoke the creative fires of literary debate. While we all come for the books and good talk (not to mention free Chinese food or pizza), I don’t think our meetings would be the same without the wine and beer generously provided for us.

It seems we aren’t the only ones who agree. Based in San Antonio, The Oil Barons Society of Texas enjoys their discussions with copious shots of Bourbon. Sounds idyllic (except for the shot part). The one catch?  It is an exclusive, men-only book club.  And I thought I would cease to see “No Girls Allowed” signs when I left elementary school.

Read about this otherwise exemplary group (and their mostly masculine book choices) in this piece posted on the website magazine The Millions.

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