Spring 2013 Core Mentoring for First-Year Students

What will Nate and Gayle, the Core Mentors, be doing this semester?

  • For students in CC102, they will be holding periodic reviews on books that have proven to be particularly challenging for students in the past. These reviews are entirely optional but highly encouraged. They will provide students with another chance to review the material and ask any questions students might have. They can also help with papers and other assignments. Although they are not a substitute for tutors in the Core Writing Center- a great resource all students should utilize!- they can provide another set of eyes to read over a paper and provide some feedback. They will each hold office hours weekly so students should stop by if they can. Also, both Nate and Gayle are readily available via email.
  • For students in CC106, their role will be similar to what they did in CC105. They will attend lectures and send out “Important Topics” emails each week. These emails will include the key points covered in lecture and also links to various articles that pertain to the class and that they found interesting and useful. They can also help guide students’ thinking during preparation for the final paper in the class. Along with their regular office hours, they will be hosting review sessions before each of the exams.
  • They are also available for any kind of general conversation about students’ classes, Core overall, or how things are going at Boston University. They are both sophomores, now finishing up in Core, and would be glad to describe what second year Core is like, or talk about other classes. Gayle is a Psychology major who is doing a BUCOP with SED, and Nate is a double major in Philosophy & Political Science and Music, so feel free to ask them about those classes as well.


Gayle’s email is gminer@bu.edu; she will hold office hours on Mondays 3-4pm, and Tuesdays 4-5pm, in the Core Office.

Nate’s email is ndf93@bu.edu; he will hold office hours on Mondays 2-3pm, in the Core Office.

Both Gayle and Nate will hold office hours on Wednesdays 2-3pm, in Warren Towers, 12B!

Please email them any time with your questions!

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