CC106: The Sound of Music

Today, February 5th, Biology Professor Jelle Atema (Doctorandus, University of Utrecht (Netherlands); PhD, University of Michigan), held a lecture titled “The sound of music: frog calls and the design of music halls“, for the Core class CC106.

Professor Atema preparing for his CC106 lecture "The sound of music: frog calls and the design of music halls".

CC106 is designed to round out students’ exploration of the natural sciences by focusing on the science of life. The professors of CC106 write:

Life is remarkable in its improbability, diversity, and uniqueness (as far as we know, life is limited to this planet, though this may change shortly). Importantly, life counteracts the tendency toward disorder that characterizes physical and chemical systems and the evolution of living systems gives rise to organisms both beautiful and sublime. In this course we aim to instill in students an appreciation for the diversity and remarkable complexity of life, and also an understanding of the elegant mechanisms that govern the evolution of life.

CC106 students piling in for Prof. Atema's lecture.

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