Analects of the Core: Ferry on storms

In view of the coming storm tomorrow, the Core would like to remind everyone to remain calm and intellectual. To aid this process, here is a sample from David Ferry’s Epic of Gilgamesh (studied in CC101), on the relevant topic of storms:

“In the early hours of the next morning dawning
there was the noise of Adad in the clouds

that rose and filled the morning sky with blackness.
Shullat the herald of the dread Adad

moved out over the mountains and over the valleys,
bellowing; Hanish the herald of the dread

Adad moved over the plains and over the cities;
everything turned to darkness as to night.

From time to time the Annunaki blazed
terrible light. Then rain came down in floods.”

The Core encourages students not to worry and to stay safe!

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