Community news: Javadov, Tabatabai, Gossen, Hamill

As you know, Core is more than a set of classes—it is also a community, whose members are the students, faculty, and alumni that have all shared experiences in and outside of those classrooms. One of the things that happens in a community is that people stay in touch. In keeping with this, we’re going to be posting updates of recent news sent in to us by students, alumni, and instructors: announcements of new jobs or marriages, interesting trips, recent accomplishments, and current projects.

And if you’d like to send in an update to share with the Core community, please drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you.

September 2014 updates:

Novruz Javadov, the RA of the Core House, personally welcomes all the freshmen on campus. He writes: “The Core House has been pretty lively so far! There is a rumor going around about a regular evening dance work-out happening in the common room; I guess we are exercising more than our essay-writing and critical thinking skills.”

Professor Sassan Tabatabai, who is the head of the Persian Language Program, is currently working on a translation of Sufi, Persian, and Mystical Poetry. His recent translations were translated from the Persian works of Jalal al-Din Rumi, Ja’far ibn Mohammad Rudaki, and Mohammad-Reza Shafi-Kadkani. [By the way… did you know you can preview Prof. Tabatabai’s collection of poetry, Uzunburun, on Amazon?]

Frances Gossen, an editor of campus magazine Clarion and Core office assistant, is now on study abroad in London. She reports that earlier this month she paid a visit, for the first time, to the Netherlands. There, she made her way through the beautiful canals, and visited the Rijksmuseum, dedicated to the art and the history of Amsterdam.

Professor Kyna Hamill is now editing a collection of essays on the intersections of theater and war. The work will be a thematic addition to her previous book, They Fight: Classical to Contemporary Stage Fight Scenes.

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