Professor Ricks edits a compilation of Bob Dylan’s lyrics

26A43074E-0B18-1715-CC6DFC40F7224C44Christopher Ricks, a professor in the Core Curriculum second year humanities, latest project has been editing and writing the introduction for an annotated and illustrated book by Bob Dylan that includes all of his lyrics. The Lyrics: Since 1962 is over 1,034 pages long according to Broadway World and gives the officially released lyrics of Dylan’s songs as well as variant and revision lyrics.

Professor Ricks has to say about the book that, “For fifty years, all the world has delighted in Bob Dylan’s books of words and more than words: provocative, mysterious, touching, baffling, not-to-be-pinned-down, intriguing, and a reminder that genius is free to do as it chooses. And, again and again, these are not the words that he sings on the initially released albums.”

However, if this book sounds like a must-have, you’ll be disappointed to hear that only 3,000 copies will be printed and sold at a whopping $200.

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