From the BBC: The History of the Book

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The book is changing. Electronic books, or ebooks, are more portable than their paper counterparts, capable of being carried in their hundreds on a single reader or tablet. Thousands more are just a click away. It can be argued that ebooks are more robust than paper ones: an ebook reader can be stolen or dropped in the bath, but the books on it are stored safely in the cloud, waiting to be downloaded onto a new device. It is not too much to say that books and reading are in the throes of a revolution . . .

Read the full article at the BBC website. A tip of the hat to Prof. Hamill for bringing this article to our attention.

The graphic at top comes from the History of the Book webpage, hosted by Harvard University. Click here to visit that resource page, and, if book history is something you would like to learn more about, consider signing up for Harvard’s History of the Book mailing list for Boston-area events.

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