From McSweeney’s: Post-Election College Paper Grading Rubric

Dr. Daveena Tauber at McSweeney’s has found it necessary in light of the new darkness inaugurated by our jurassic president to revise her paper grading rubric. She wants to make America grade again, Trump’s way. Now, the class clown will now find himself valedictorian.If it could make Trump president and give success to all of those students coming out of Trump university, then it may certainly help you in getting an A. But wait. There are only three grades: Winner, Meh, and Loser, and three criteria. What constitutes a winner argument, Dr. Tauber?


Oh so you can get an A! But of course we should all strive for a B: Bigly. C,D,F…P? Pardon my language.

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