Weekly Round-Up, 1-13-17

Hello, scholars! Can you believe the last full week of winter break is drawing to a close? Fine, fine, we won’t mention it, excited as we are for the next batch of Core classes to start. Without further ado, here is an action-packed group of links to spice up your week!

  • William Wordsworth’s “The Prelude,” addressed to fellow Romantic poet Samuel Coleridge, was recently published in a fully illustrated edition with an introduction and notes by Harvard professor James Engell and Wordsworth scholar Michael D. Raymond. Moreover, it was included in WBUR’s the ARTery’s “5 Poetry Books with a Boston Connection You Should Read.” How’s that for city pride?
  • Just for fun: Walt Whitman’s guide to “Manly Health and Training,” a roughly 47,000-word journalistic series found 150 years after its publication by a graduate student two summers back. Among other things, Whitman promotes a mostly carnivorous diet as well and decries inactivity. (For the record, the author of this blog post is 0/2 so far.)

The pinnacle of masculine fitness, Walt Whitman himself. (via Getty Images)

All right, show’s over. Everybody go home (or return to campus…?). Come back next week for the first installment of spring semester!

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