March Books, Free to Good Homes


Spring Break is upon us, and we are thinking about spring cleaning.

That includes paring down the inventory of hundreds and hundreds of used books which the Core office has acquired over the past little while, donations from members of the Core community. We invite you — students, alumni, and friends of the Core — to peruse the list below. If any of the books spark your interest, they are yours for the asking!

All you have to do is email the Core office, letting us know what book you want, and to what mailing address we should send it. (Or if you’re in the Boston area or plan to be soon, you can let us know that, and we’ll set the book aside for you to pick up in person.

If you’re feeling particularly thankful for the free book(s) from Core,we would be grateful if you’d consider making a donation to the EnCore alumni fund. By doing so, your donations to BU will go directly to support our community life programs, including the intellectual social activities of the undergraduate Word & Way Society, the monthly book club meetings of the alumni association, and the annual Devlin Award book prize for undergraduate writing. This donation is entirely voluntary;these books are genuinely available with no strings attached.It isn’t the amount that you donate that matters as much as that you donate at all. Alumni giving sends a powerful message to the University officers, that Core provides an experience for students that they stay connected to even long after graduation. To that end, even a donation of $5 is worth it.

Titles with strikethrough have already been claimed.

  1. A People Betrayed: November 1918: A German Revolution, by Alfred Doblin (1987)
  2. Akwe-Shavante Society, by David Maybury-Lewis (1974)
  3. An Unfinished Woman, by Lillian Hellman (1974)
  4. Angle of Repose, by Wallace Stegner (1985)
  5. As We Are, by E.F. Benson (1985)
  6. At Swim-Two-Birds, by Flann O’Brien (2000)
  7. Bouddhismes, philosophies et religions, by Bernard Faure (1998)
  8. Can You Forgive Her?, by Anthony Trollope (1982)
  9. Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man (The Early Years), by Thomas Mann (1969)
  10. Coromandel!, by John Masters (1960)
  11. Death, Afterlife, and the Soul, by Mircea Eliade (1989)
  12. Divination, Mythology and Monarchy in Han China, by Michael Loewe (1994)
  13. Division of the Spoils, by Paul Scott (1984)
  14. Dr Wortle’s School, by Anthony Trollope (1993)
  15. Everyday Life in Early Imperial China, by Michael Loewe (1970)
  16. Fellow Teachers, by Philip Rieff (1973)
  17. For Weber: Essays on the Sociology of Fate, by Bryan S. Turner (1996)
  18. Good Company: A Study of Nyakyusa Age-Villages, by Monica Wilson (1951)
  19. Hill Farms and Padi Fields: Life in Mainland Southeast Asia, by Robbins Burling (1965)
  20. Italian Hours, by Henry James (1981)
  21. Karl and Rosa: November, 1918: A German Revolution, by Alfred Doblin (1986)
  22. Kurozumikyo and the New Religions of Japan, by Helen Hardacre (1988)
  23. Lord Peter, by Dorothy L. Sayers (1972)
  24. Mambu, by Kenelm Burridge (1995)
  25. Man’s Many Voices: Language in its Cultural Context, by Robbins Burling (1970)
  26. My German Question: Growing Up in Nazi Berlin, by Peter Gay (1998)
  27. New Heaven, New Earth: A Study of Millenarian Activities, by Kenelm Burridge (1986)
  28. Paradise Postponed, by John Mortimer (1986)
  29. Patterns in Comparative Religion, by Mircea Eliade (1971)
  30. Rates of Exchange, by Malcolm Bradbury (1983)
  31. Regulating Bodies: Essays in Medical Sociology, by Bryan S. Turner (1992)
  32. Religion and Social Theory, by Bryan S. Turner (1991)
  33. Scoundrel Time, by Lillian Hellman (1977)
  34. Secret Lives, by E.F. Benson (1985)
  35. Shinto and the State, 1868-1988, by Helen Hardacre (1989)
  36. Six Early Stories, by Thomas Mann (1997)
  37. State of Denial: Bust at War, Part III, by Bob Woodward (2006)
  38. Staying On, by Paul Scott (1986)
  39. Stepping Westward, by Malcolm Bradbury (1979)
  40. Strong Poison, by Dorothy L. Sayers (1967)
  41. Taoism: Growth of a Religion, by Isabelle Robinet (1997)
  42. Taoist Meditation and Longevity Techniques, by Livia Kohn (1989)
  43. Taoist Meditation: The Mao-Shan Tradition of Great Purity, by Isabelle Robinet (1993)
  44. Taoist Mystical Philosophy: The Scripture of Western Ascension, by Livia Kohn (1991)
  45. The Cultivation of Hatred: Bourgeois Experience, Victoria to Freud, by Peter Gay (1993)
  46. The Day Of The Scorpion, by Paul Scott (1985)
  47. The Deceivers, by John Masters (1962)
  48. The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Hakuin, by Norman Waddell (1994)
  49. The Eustace Diamonds, by Anthony Trollope (1998)
  50. The Hoffnung Music Festival, by Gerard Hoffnung (1983)
  51. The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra, by Gerard Hoffnung (1985)
  52. The Journey to the West, Vol. 3, by Anthony C. Yu (1984)
  53. The Journey to the West, Vol. 4, by Anthony C. Yu (1984)
  54. The Last Juror, by John Grisham (2012)
  55. The London Life, by Henry James (1981)
  56. The Pelican Brief, by John Grisham (1992)
  57. The People of Alor, by Cora DuBois (1944)
  58. The Power of Denial: Buddhism, Purity, and Gender, by Bernard Faure (2003)
  59. The Prime Minister, by Anthony Trollope (1996)
  60. The Quest History and Meaning in Religion, by Mircea Eliade (1989)
  61. The Red Thread: Buddhist Approaches to Sexuality, by Bernard Faure (1998)
  62. The Reverberator, by Henry James (1981)
  63. The Sacred & The Profane: The Nature of Religion, by Mircea Eliade (1959)
  64. The Sacred Village: Social Change and Religious Life in Rural North China, by Thomas David DuBois (2005)
  65. The Savage and the Innocent, by David Maybury-Lewis (2000)
  66. The Sound of Trumpets, by John Mortimer (1999)
  67. The Tower of Silence, by Paul Scott (1981)
  68. The War Within, by Bob Woodward (2009)
  69. The Watergate Hearings Break-in and Cover-up, by R.W. Apple (1973)
  70. The Way We Live Now, by Anthony Trollope (1982)
  71. The White House Transcripts, by R.W. Apple (1974)
  72. Titmuss Regained, by John Mortimer (1990)
  73. Touch the Water, Touch the Wind, by Amos Oz (1991)
  74. Under This Blazing Light, by Amos Oz (1979)
  75. Wild Ivy: The Spiritual Autobiography of Zen Master Hakuin, by Norman Waddell (1999)
  76. Wu-shang pi-yao: Somme taoiste du VIe siecle, by John Lagerwey (1981)
  77. No Way But Gentlenesse, by Richard Hines (2016)
  78. The Nine Songs: A Study of Shamanism in Ancient China, by Arthur Waley (2015)
  79. World Religions Today, by John L. Esposito (2015)
  80. The Storytellers Metamorphosis, by Robert Mercer-Nairne (2015)
  81. Dinosaurs & a Dirigible, by David Drake (2014)
  82. Witchcraft and the Rise of the First Confucian Empire, by Liang Cai (2014)
  83. The Lunar Tao: Meditations in Harmony with the Seasons, by Ming-Dao Deng (2013)
  84. Figuring Religions: Comparing Ideas, Images, and Activities, by Shubha Pathak (2013)
  85. Red Ink: Inside the High-Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget, by David Wessel (2012)
  86. Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation, by Elaine Pagels (2012)
  87. Anatomy of Change: Millennia Old Model for Navigating Change and Uncertainty, by Mikhail Goussev (2012)
  88. Interest Groups Unleashed, by Paul Herrnson (2012)
  89. Nine Songs: A Study of Shamanism in Ancient China, by Yuan Qu (2012)
  90. State Of Wonder, by Ann Patchett (2011)
  91. The Obama Presidency: Appraisals and Prospects, by Bert Rockman (2011)
  92. Not Quite Shamans: Spirit Worlds and Political Lives in Northern Mongolia, by Morten Axel Pedersen (2011)
  93. Buddhavacana: a Pali Reader, by Glenn Wallis (2010)
  94. The Wilding, by Maria McCann (2010)
  95. Love and Summer, by William Trevor (2010)
  96. Beaumarchais, by Maurice Lever (2009)
  97. Currency and Contest in East Asia, by William W. Grimes (2009)
  98. Lucia: A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon, by Andrea de Robilant (2008)
  99. The Way of Highest Clarity: Nature, Vision and Revelation in Medieval China, by James Miller (2008)
  100. Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour, by Kate Fox (2008)
  101. Welfare and Capitalism in Postwar Japan, by Margarita Estevez-Abe (2008)
  102. The Love That Does Justice: Spiritual Activism in Dialogue with Social Science, by Michael A. Edwards (2008)
  103. Currency and Contest in East Asia: The Great Power Politics of Financial Regionalism, by William Grimes (2008)
  104. True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership, by Bill George (2007)
  105. The Four Books: The Basic Teachings of the Later Confucian Tradition, by Daniel K. Gardner (2007)
  106. Vietnam (Lonely Planet), by Nick Ray (2007)
  107. Body Surfing: A Novel, by Shreve Anita (2007)
  108. Confessions of St. Augustine, by St. Augustine (2007)
  109. The Advaita Worldview: God, World, and Humanity, by Anantanand Rambachan (2006)
  110. Timaeus, by Benjamin Jowett (2006)
  111. Japsnese Religion Past & Present, by Ian Reader (2006)
  112. First Lady, by Michael Dobbs (2006)
  113. Encountering the Dharma: Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai, and the Globalization of Buddhist Humanism, by Richard Seager (2006)
  114. Gilgamesh, by Stephan Mitchell (2006)
  115. Dudley Murphy: Hollywood Wild Card, by Susan Delson (2006)
  116. Aloft, by Chang-rae Lee (2005)
  117. The Dhammapada: A New Translation of the Buddhist Classic with Annotations, by Gil Fronsdal (2005)
  118. So the Story Goes, by John T. Irwin (2005)
  119. Chan Buddhism, by Peter D. Hershock (2005)
  120. The Solitude of Self: Thinking about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, by Vivian Gornick (2005)
  121. The Rig Veda, by Wendy Doniger (2005)
  122. The Zen Canon: Understanding the Classic Texts, by Dale Wright (2004)
  123. Washington’s Crossing, by David Hackett Fischer (2004)
  124. Daoism Explained: From the Dream of the Butterfly to the Fishnet Allegory, by Hans-Georg Moeller (2004)
  125. God and Caesar in China: Policy Implications of Church-State Tensions, by Jason Kindopp (2004)
  126. Waxwings, by Jonathan Raban (2004)
  127. Deep Listeners: Music, Emotion, and Trancing, by Judith Becker (2004)
  128. The San Juan Islands: Crown Jewels of the Pacific Northwest, by Mark Gardner (2004)
  129. The Mechanics of Submission, by Phil Tabakow (2004)
  130. Principles and Practice of American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings, by Steven Smith (2004)
  131. Women and Confucian Cultures, by Dorothy Ko (2003)
  132. The Dream of Scipio, by Iain Pears (2003)
  133. Women and Confucian Cultures in Premodern China, Korea and Japan, by Joan R. Piggott (2003)
  134. Honour, by Joanna Murray-Smith (2003)
  135. Constituting Communities: Theravda Buddhism and the Religious Cultures of South and Southeast Asia, by John Clifford Holt (2003)
  136. On the Frontiers of Management, by Rosabeth Kanter (2003)
  137. The Red and the Black, by Stendhal (2003)
  138. The Prints of Suzanne Caporael, by Suzanne Caporael (2003)
  139. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, by Walter Isaacson (2003)
  140. Classifying the Zhuangzi Chapters, by Xiaogan Liu (2003)
  141. Elidor, by Alan Garner (2002)
  142. A.J. Ayer: A Life, by Ben Rogers (2002)
  143. Opening Up: Youth Sex Culture and Market Reform in Shanghai, by James Farrer (2002)
  144. The Blue Nowhere: A Novel, by Jeffery Deaver (2002)
  145. Perspectivas, by Mary Ellen Kiddle (2002)
  146. Empire Falls, by Richard Russo (2002)
  147. Zhouyi: A New Translation with Commentary of the Book of Changes, by Richard Rutt (2002)
  148. Ex-Libris, by Ross King (2002)
  149. Shanghai Baby, by Wei Hui (2002)
  150. Balanced Discourses, by Xu Gan (2002)
  151. Soul of the New Consumer: Authenticity – What We Buy and Why in the New Economy, by David Lewis (2001)
  152. Society and the Supernatural in Song China, by Edward Davis (2001)
  153. Rendezvous with Destiny: A History of Modern American Reform, by Eric Goldman (2001)
  154. Rationality and Religious Experience: The Continuing Relevance of the World’s Spiritual Traditions, by Henry Rosemont (2001)
  155. Treason by the Book, by Jonathan D. Spence (2001)
  156. The Denkoroku: The Record of the Transmission of the Light (copy 2), by Keizan Jokin (2001)
  157. Falun Gong: Principles and Exercises for Perfect Health and Enlightenment, by Li Hongzhi (2001)
  158. Future Positive: International Co-operation in the 21st Century, by Michael Edwards (2001)
  159. Daoism and Ecology, by NJ Giradot (2001)
  160. True History of the Kelly Gang, by Peter Carey (2001)
  161. Straight to the Heart of Zen, by Philip Kapleau (2001)
  162. Gardening with Prairie Plants, by Sally Wasowski (2001)
  163. Leon Battista Alberti: Master Builder of the Italian Renaissance, by Anthony Grafton (2000)
  164. Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction, by Damien Keown (2000)
  165. Feng: The Hall of Three Pines Paper, by Feng Youlan (2000)
  166. Dictionary of Accounting Terms, by Joel G. Siegal (2000)
  167. The Craft of Religious Studies, by Jon R. Stone (2000)
  168. The Great British Bed and Breakfast, by Ken Plant (2000)
  169. Living with the Ancestors: Kinship and Kingship in Ancient Maya Society, by Patricia A. Mcanany (2000)
  170. James Miranda Barry, by Patricia Duncker (2000)
  171. Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy, by Philip J. Ivanhoe (2000)
  172. A Survey of Buddhism: Its Doctrines and Methods Through the Ages, by Sangharakshita (2000)
  173. Prince Henry “the Navigator” : A life, by Sir Peter Russell (2000)
  174. The Koan: Texts and Contexts in Zen Buddhism, by Steven Heine (2000)
  175. The Tennis Partner, by Abraham Verghese (1999)
  176. Art of Twentieth-Century Zen: Paintings and Calligraphy by Japanese Masters, by Audrey Yoshiko Seo (1999)
  177. The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink (1999)
  178. Master Cheng’s New Method of Taichi Ch’uan Self-Cultivation, by Cheng Man-ch’ing (1999)
  179. The Red-Sox Reader, by Dan Riley (1999)
  180. Kosovo Crossing: American Ideals Meet Reality On The Balkan Battlefields, by David Fromkin (1999)
  181. I May Be Some Time, by Francis Spufford (1999)
  182. Reflets: Methode de francais, by Guy Capelle (1999)
  183. Korean Shamanism and Cultural Nationalism, by Hyun-key Kim Hogarth (1999)
  184. The Road to Democracy: Taiwan’s Pursuit of Identity, by Lee Teng-hui (1999)
  185. Headlong, by Michael Frayn (1999)
  186. Black Jack Vol. 1, by Osamu Tezuka (1999)
  187. The Rich Man’s Table, by Scott Spencer (1999)
  188. Love Quotations, by Susan Ratcliffe (1999)
  189. Ethic: Theory and Contemporary Issues, by Barbara MacKinnon (1998)
  190. Religions of China: The World as a Living System, by Daniel L. Overmyer (1998)
  191. Why Geese Don’t Get Obese (And We Do): How Evolution’s Strategies for Survival Affect Our Everyday Lives, by Eric P. Widmaier (1998)
  192. Daughter of the Queen of Sheba, by Jacki Lyden (1998)
  193. Ethics for Life, by Judith Boss (1998)
  194. Blu’s Hanging, by Lois-Ann Yamanaka (1998)
  195. Lady Audley’s Secret, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1998)
  196. The Life of Berlioz, by Peter Bloom (1998)
  197. Angels of Mercy or Development Diplomas?, by Terje Tvedt (1998)
  198. A Man in Full, by Tom Wolfe (1998)
  199. NGOs, States and Donors: Too Close for Comfort?, by David Hulme (1997)
  200. Wait Till Next Year, by Doris Kearns Goodwin (1997)
  201. God’s Chinese Son: The Chinese Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan, by Jonathan Spence (1997)
  202. Non-Governments: NGOs and the Political Development of the Third World, by Julie Fisher (1997)
  203. Meanings of Madness, by Richard Castillo (1997)
  204. The Ways of Confucianism: Investigations in Chinese Philosophy, by David Nivison (1996)
  205. People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak Out, by Ellen Everet Hopman (1996)
  206. The Book of Chuang Tzu, by Martin Palmer (1996)
  207. The Ghost Road, by Pat Barker (1996)
  208. Greater China and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Choice Between Confrontation and Mutual Respect, by Thomas A. Metzger (1996)
  209. The Lives of the Kings & Queens of England, by Antonia Fraser (1995)
  210. Ecological Resistance Movements: The Global Emergence of Radical and Popular Environmentalism, by Bron Raymond Taylor (1995)
  211. The Stone Diaries, by Carol Shields (1995)
  212. The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia, by Donald K. Swearer (1995)
  213. Buddhist World of Southeast Asia, by Donald Swearer (1995)
  214. The Good Soldier, by Ford Madox Ford (1995)
  215. Miss America, by Howard Stern (1995)
  216. The Hunger Wall (Uncorrected Proof), by James Ragan (1995)
  217. The Spirits Are Drunk: Comparative Approaches to Chinese Religion, by Jordan Paper (1995)
  218. Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, by Roddy Doyle (1995)
  219. Jean Renoir: Projections of Paradise, by Ronald Bergan (1995)
  220. Carlyle: Selected Writings, by Thomas Carlyle (1995)
  221. Once Upon a Distant War, by William Prochnau (1995)
  222. What is Found There, An Atlas of the Difficult World, The Fact of a Doorframe, by Adrienne Rich (1994)
  223. The Tragedy of Mariam, by and Weller Cary (1994)
  224. Crossing the River, by Caryl Phillips (1994)
  225. Easy French Phrase Book, by Dover (1994)
  226. The Moral of the Story: An Introduction to Questions of Ethics and Human Nature, by Nina Rosenstand (1994)
  227. Moral Philosophy: A Comprehensive Introduction, by Noel Moore (1994)
  228. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, by Robert A. F. Thurman (1994)
  229. The Elemental Changes: The Ancient Chinese Companion to the I Ching, by Yang Hsiung (1994)
  230. The Formation of Hell: Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds, by Alan E. Bernstein (1993)
  231. Spring Symphony Op44 Vocal Score, by Benjamin Britten (1993)
  232. Carisma, by Charles Lindholm (1993)
  233. Cheng Tzu’s Thirteen Treatises on T’ai Chi Ch’uan, by Cheng Man Ch’Ing (1993)
  234. Zen and Japanese Culture, by Daisetz T. Suzuki (1993)
  235. Spell of Steam, by Eric Treacy (1993)
  236. A Global Ethic, by Hans Kung (1993)
  237. Contradictions: Artistic Life, the Socialist State, and the Chinese Painter Li Huasheng, by Jerome Silbergeld (1993)
  238. The Denkoroku: The Record of the Transmission of the Light, by Keizan Zenji (1993)
  239. Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast China, by Kenneth Dean (1993)
  240. Long Quiet Highway, by Natalie Goldberg (1993)
  241. Real Fast Food, by Nick Slater (1993)
  242. Ebrey: Religion and Society/China, by Patricia Ebrey (1993)
  243. Mahayana Buddhism: The Doctrinal Foundations, by Paul Williams (1993)
  244. Institutions of Democracy & Development, by Peter L. Berger (1993)
  245. Distant Mirrors: America as a Foreign Culture, by Philip R. DeVita (1993)
  246. The Zen Monastic Experience, by Robert Buswell (1993)
  247. Body and Emotion: The Aesthetics of Illness and Healing in the Nepal Himilayas, by Robert R. Desjarlais (1993)
  248. Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’s First 100 Years, by Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany (1993)
  249. The Symposium and The Phaedrus: Plato’s Erotic Dialogues, by William Cobb (1993)
  250. Daddy’s Gone to War, by William M. Tuttle (1993)
  251. Zen and the Way of the Sword: Arming the Samurai Psyche, by Winston King (1993)
  252. The Road into the Open, by Arthur Schnitzler (1992)
  253. Du Fu’s Laments from the South, by David R. Mc Craw (1992)
  254. The Transparent Society, by Gianni Vattimo (1992)
  255. Call it Sleep, by Henry Roth (1992)
  256. The Magic of Recluce, by L. E. Modesitt Jr. (1992)
  257. American Environmentalism: The US Environmental Movement, 1970-1990, by Riley Dunlap (1992)
  258. The Wu Liang Shrine: The Ideology of Early Chinese Pictorial Art, by Wu Hung (1992)
  259. Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches’ Sabbath, by Carlo Ginzburg (1991)
  260. New Dimensions of Confucian and Neo-Confucian Philosophy, by Chung-Ying Cheng (1991)
  261. Health, Lifestyle & Environment: Countering the Panic, by Digby C. Anderson (1991)
  262. The Complete Films of Rita Hayworth, by Gene Ringgold (1991)
  263. Thus Says the Lord: The Message of the Prophets, by James Ward (1991)
  264. Where’s Dan Quayle?, by Jim Becker (1991)
  265. Warring States, by Liu Xiang (1991)
  266. The Body and Society, by Peter Brown (1991)
  267. The Quest for El Cid, by Richard Fletcher (1991)
  268. Marriage and Inequality in Chinese Society, by Rubie S. Watson (1991)
  269. The Art of Kissing, by William Cane (1991)
  270. Beijing Turmoil: More Than Meets the Eye, by Che Muqi (1990)
  271. Only Halfway to Paradise: Women in Postwar Britain 1945-1968, by Elizabeth Wilson (1990)
  272. Ethics: Theory and Practice, by Jacques Thiroux (1990)
  273. Death Ritual in Late Imperial and Modern China, by James L. Watson (1990)
  274. Conformity & Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology, by James P. Spradley (1990)
  275. The Butterfly as Companion: Meditations on the First Three Chapters of the Chuang Tzu, by Kuang-Ming Wu (1990)
  276. Gender and Distorder in Early Modern Seville, by Mary Perry (1990)
  277. The Visitor’s Guide to France: Provence & Cote d’Azur, by Norman Brangham (1990)
  278. Selected Writings in Nichiren, by Philip B. Yampolsky (1990)
  279. Wildlife, by Richard Ford (1990)
  280. Lucrecia’s Dreams: Politics and Prophecy in Sixteenth-Century Spain, by Richard L. Kagan (1990)
  281. Breathing Under Water and Other East European Essays, by Stanislaw Baranczak (1990)
  282. Mao and China: A Legacy of Turmoil, by Stanley Karnow (1990)
  283. The Chinese Enlightenment: Intellectuals and the Legacy of the May Fourth Movement of 1919, by Vera Schwarcz (1990)
  284. Yellow Street, by Veza Canetti (1990)
  285. Disputers of the Tao: Philosophical Argument in Ancient China, by A. C. Graham (1989)
  286. From Reading to Neurons, by Albert Galaburda (1989)
  287. The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan (1989)
  288. Religion in China Today: Policy and Practice, by Donald E. MacInnis (1989)
  289. Taoiste de cour a la fin de la Chine medievale, by Du Guangting (1989)
  290. The Monkey as Mirror, by Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney (1989)
  291. To Mend the World, by Emil L. Fackenheim (1989)
  292. Zen Buddhism: A History — Japan, by Heinrich Dumoulin (1989)
  293. Television Culture, by John Fiske (1989)
  294. Buddhism and Asian History, by Joseph M. Kitagawa (1989)
  295. Nest in the Wind, by Martha Ward (1989)
  296. The Making of the President 1789, by Marvin Kitman (1989)
  297. Coming of Age in New Jersey, by Michael Moffatt (1989)
  298. Moments in Eden; Garden Photographs, by Richard Brown (1989)
  299. High Religion: A Cultural and Political History of Sherpa Buddhism, by Sherry Ortner (1989)
  300. Faces of Asia: Portraits from the Permanent Collection, by Vishakha N. Desai (1989)
  301. Dogen’s Manuals of Zen Meditation, by Carl Bielefeldt (1988)
  302. Deconstruction and the Critique of Aesthetic Ideology, by Christopher Norris (1988)
  303. The Goddesses’ Mirror, by David Kinsley (1988)
  304. German Romantic Stories, by Frank Ryder (1988)
  305. On Religion: Speeches to its cultured despisers, by Friedrich Schleiemacher (1988)
  306. Zen Buddhism: A History–India and China, by Henrich Dumoulin (1988)
  307. How Your Body Works, by Judy Hindley (1988)
  308. The Return of a Native Reporter, by Robert Chesshyre (1988)
  309. Season Ticket, by Roger Angell (1988)
  310. The Ghost Festival in Medieval China, by Stephen Teiser (1988)
  311. Conceptual Change and the Constitution, by Terence Ball (1988)
  312. Brave Irene, by William Steig (1988)
  313. Spiritual Quests: The Art and Craft of Religious Writing, by William Zinsser (1988)
  314. Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism (Studies in East Asian Buddhism, No 4), by Alan Sponberg (1987)
  315. Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System, by Anodea Judith (1987)
  316. The Nicomachean Ethics, by Aristotle (1987)
  317. Plurality and Ambiguity: Hermeneutics, Religion, Hope, by David Tracy (1987)
  318. The Tiwi of North Australia, by Hart and Goodale Pilling (1987)
  319. Tropics of Discourse: Essays in Cultural Criticism, by Hayden White (1987)
  320. John Barth (Contemporary Writers Series), by Heide Ziegler (1987)
  321. Vienna’s Golden Autumn, by Hilde Spiel (1987)
  322. Visions: Stories and Photographs, by Leonid Andreyev (1987)
  323. Altarity, by Mark C. Taylor (1987)
  324. The Second Billion, by Penny Kane (1987)
  325. The Sonnet: An Anthology – A comprehensive selection of British and American sonnets from the Renaissance ot the present, by Robert M. Bender (1987)
  326. The Unfettered Mind, by Takuan Soho (1987)
  327. Church-State Relations: Tensions and Transitions, by Thomas Robbins (1987)
  328. Recognizing Biography, by William Epstein (1987)
  329. The Collected Stories of Wolfgang Hildesceimer, by Wolfgang Hildesceimer (1987)
  330. Voyagers to the West, by Bernard Bailyn (1986)
  331. The Threefold Lotus Sutra, by Bunno Kato (1986)
  332. The Alluring Problem: an Essay on Irony, by D.J. Enright (1986)
  333. The Flying Phoenix: Aspects of Chinese Sectarianism in Taiwan, by David Jordan (1986)
  334. The play of the eyes, by Elias Canetti (1986)
  335. Comparative Religion: A History, by Eric Sharpe (1986)
  336. Romantic Vision, Ethical Context, by Geza Von Molnar (1986)
  337. Linden Hills, by Gloria Naylor (1986)
  338. With a Heigh-heigh-ho: Stories and Verse for Children, by Helen Creighton (1986)
  339. Prophetic Religions and Politics: Religion and the Political Order, by Jeffrey K. Hadden (1986)
  340. The Philharmonica Gets Dressed, by Karla Kuskin (1986)
  341. On Love and Barley: Haiku of Basho, by Lucien Stryk (1986)
  342. Red Pottage, by Mary Cholmondeley (1986)
  343. The Harvard Book, by William Bentinck-Smith (1986)
  344. Chinese Religions: A Cultural Perspective, by Christian Jochim (1985)
  345. Popular culture in late imperial China, by David Johnson (1985)
  346. Popular culture in late imperial China (Studies on China), by David Johnson (et al) (1985)
  347. Understanding Religious Life, by Frederick Streng (1985)
  348. Philosophical-Political Profiles, by Jurgen Habermas (1985)
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