Reflections on the First Year of Core

We received this eloquent letter from a student in which she reflects on her first year in the Core. She’s given us her permission to share her note with you all here:

Throughout this year, the single class that helped me grow and mature into a college student more than any other was the Core program. The first paper I got back from my professor was written on Gilgamesh, and I received a C+. All of my preconceptions of seeing myself as a good writer were completely thrown out the window. I was devastated and disappointed, but that grade also lit a fire in me to learn, grow and persevere. I knew I could do better. Luckily, my professor let me rewrite my essay and with the help of my writing fellow I was able to restructure my ideas and create a piece that was insightful and written with purpose. From then on, I learned that writing for Core is a very different type of writing. We are dealing with some of the texts that shaped every thought and idea that our culture has today. We are thinking right beside the great minds of Plato and Aristotle. We aren’t learning for the sake of passing a class. Core creates a class in which I learn to gain knowledge and understanding and changes the way I perceive the world. It has not only made me grow as a student, but also as a person. I feel more engaged in all of my learning because as all the texts of Core relate to each other, Core relates to almost every other subject.

I think a lot of us would express similar sentiments about the impact Core had on us during our first year at BU. Feel free to share your own first-year thoughts in the comments below.

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