Hard-Core Pumpkin Carving takes a Curatorial Turn

What masterpiece would be complete without an authentic curatorial text? Luckily, Core alumni Jonathan Han and Kassandra Round refused to lettheir viewers confront their pumpkin art alone, and provided us with insights into their imaginations.

Jon's Curatorial 2

“Anguish”- A Self Portrait by Jonathan Han, 2019

“Like all pains, this was unintended, but still pretty funky”

Perhaps best known for his other pumpkin-related work, namely “Cream Of…” and “Latte,” Jonathan Han takes pumpkin art to the next level. The emotional turmoil is best encapsulated by the taped-up cap/root, suggesting a mind not only unhinged, but broken. The crudeness of this work, in extreme contrast of his other portraits and sculptures, is considered a representative of the new movement Jonathan Han found: Pumpkin Brutalism.

Kassandra's Curatorial 2

“Unicorn Love”- by Kassandra Round, 2018

“The Unicorn is a Picasso Unicorn. The heart is French.”

Done at the same time as Jonathan Han’s seminal work, “Anguish,” Kassandra Round tries to capture the remnants of her childhood imagination, only to find a hollow caricature. The unicorn, so illegible that it has to be labeled, perhaps demonstrates perfectly the bastardized innocence, innocence now lost.

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