A Paradigm Shift of his Own: Revisiting Thomas Kuhn


The great thing about science is that it’s not always right. For all the theories, equations, and experiments, scientists are just at the mercy of their subjective opinions as any other thinkers– In other words, science relies on subjective perspective and the consensus of the scientific community to establish what a culture views as an accepted scientific truth. Or at least that’s how Thomas Kuhn saw it, as you can see for yourself in a recent article that revisited Kuhn’s landmark 1962 work The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In it, author James Franklin examines Kuhns thesis that scientific theories are no better than ones in the humanities in that they rely on accepted paradigms, and how his theory of Paradigm Shifts changed the scientific and artistic world. When the accepted paradigm or established way of thinking is challenged, the culture faces a radical reassessment of what was previously considered “truth”, and thus a new paradigm must be created.

What is your favorite example of a paradigm shift in culture? Or do you have an example of a personal paradigm shift that changed your specific world view? Let us know in the comments!

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