How One Alumna Is Spending Her Time At Home

Many millions of people are staying at home, to minimize the risk of transmission, and to adhere to social distancing and shelter-in-place advisories. We caught up with one of our alumni, Kim Santo (Core ’98, BU ’00 & ’02), on Facebook, to ask how she’s prioritizing self-care and healthy habits.

Kim writes:

“Hello, Core! Here are a few self-care recommendations for people stuck at home for the time being.Clockwise from the center top:

  1. Snacks: Prunes and Pistachios!
  2. Bar soap (everyone is scrounging for anti-bac liquid – a humble bar of moisturizing bar soap works just fine)
  3. A way to listen to music, either a Bluetooth speaker or headphones or both
  4. Some good books, of course. Are we not Core? Cmon now. And…
  5. Caffeine-free herbal teas are good nerve tonics, but if you want the caffeinated stuff, I recommend plain ol green tea such as Japanese Sencha or Chinese Mao Jian.”

Sound suggestions! Kim is often to be found in the EnCore Facebook group, and has made a commitment to attend as many of our weekly Digital Core Tea gatherings on Zoom through the remainder of this spring semester.

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billie turley posted on March 31, 2020 at 5:20 pm

Thank you so much for the great advice.

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