Ten P&P literary adaptations

In light of Professor Joseph Rezek lecturing on Jane Austen this week in CC202, we present for your pleasure and delight this list of literary adaptations of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice:

  1. First Impressions (2010) by Alexa Adams
  2. An Assembly Such As This (2006) by Pamela Aidan
  3. Charlotte (2012) by Karen Aminadra
  4. Mr. Darcys Daughters (2003) by Elizabeth Aston
  5. Dialogue with Darcy (2010) by Janey Aylmer
  6. Pride and Prescience: or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged (2004) by Carrie Bebris
  7. Charlotte Collins (2010) by Jennifer Becton
  8. Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife (2004) by Linda Berdoll
  9. Miss Darcy’s New Companion (2016) by Cheryl Bolen
  10. Pride and Prejudice and Secrets (2018) by Bella Breen

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Any Core students or alumni interested in learning what Austen-related works we have available for loan from the Core library, or in viewing Prof. Rezek’s lecture via recording, are invited to contact the Core office staff (core@bu.edu).

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