A note of thanks after the Core Banquet

An email came in this morning, from an alumnus in the Core class of 1994, commenting on last night’s Core Banquet:

Im writing just to say I thought the Core banquet last night was fantastic, despite it having to be again a virtual event. Royal Wood was wonderful, the video was a riot, and the chat was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the ‘shout-outs’ scrolling throughout the event. This was by far the best event Ive been part of on Zoom this entire time. Im sure youre hearing this from others, too. Congrats!

How wonderful to hear that though we’re connecting through screens, we’reconnecting nonetheless. We had about 100 people join us over the course of ninety minutes of awards, song, jokes, celebration, and charm. Thank you to all those who were able to Zoom in. (And thank you to our department leadership, staff and student staff who helped make the arrangements, pull the plans together, and keep the hosting upbeat and inclusive throughout the event.)


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