Core Curriculum’s First In-Person Lecture since 2020

We’re back! After over a year of online classes, staying home, and biweekly covid tests, Boston University’s Core Curriculum has had its first in-person lecture for its Ancient Worlds course, otherwise known as CC101. As tradition would have it, the students were welcomed into the lecture to the glorious sound of Bruce Springsteen’s “Land of Hope and Dreams”.

101 lecture 9-7-21 (3)

101 lecture 9-7-21 (2)

101 lecture 9-7-21 (1)

To quote the man himself,

“Leave behind your sorrows, let this day be the last, well, tomorrow there’ll be sunshine, and all this darkness past.”

After the past year and a half we’ve had, here’s to hoping for a healthy, productive, and exciting semester! Good luck, and we wish you all the very best from here in the Core Office.

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