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10,000 year old calendar has scholars rethinking the birth of agriculture

Relating to Professor Alan Marscher’s recent lecture on ancient cosmology for CC105, an ancient astronomical calendar was found to be older than Stonehenge by six millennia this past summer. The 10,000 year old time keeping structure located at Warren Field is comprised of 12 pits with rocks that copy the lunar phases, all arranged in […]

The Cosmic Gallery

Relating to CC105’s study of astronomy is an article from The Guardian titled ‘The Cosmic Gallery – In Pictures’. It gives beautiful depictions and descriptions of some of our galaxy’s landmarks. Here is a sample: For the full article, visit bit.ly/10vKZ62.

Where Stars Come From

Watch this video on YouTube The Core shares an article from BU Today concerning the intriguing origin of stars, where CAS professor James Jackson answers some exciting questions. A sample: For years, Jackson, a College of Arts & Sciences professor of astronomy, and his international colleagues studied [a dark, opaque mass that astronomers call] “the brick,” […]