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Presidential positions on health reform

Two articles about the health reform states the positions of the two presidential candidates from the NEJM    

Lisa Iezzoni’s new book on Risk Adjustment****

I just received and have scanned through Lisa Iezzoni’s fourth book (as editor and major contributor) entitled Risk Adjustment for Measuring Health Care Outcomes (Fourth Edition), Lisa I Iezzoni (ed) (2013) Even though Lisa is a physician, not an economist or statistician, this book provides an excellent overview of risk adjustment (population-based), and severity or […]

Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative, by CMS, Overview

CMS posted in late August an interesting site that provides lots of information about the seven demonstrations going on for Comprehensive Primary Care Payment. Each site includes a list of participating PCPs. with specific clinic names, zip codes and addresses. Could be interesting to examine how severe a selection problem there is.

Five Questions for Health Economists

My presidential address to the American Society of Health Economists is now available to download and scheduled for publication in the International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics. Here is the link. Five questions for health economists Randall P. Ellis Online Firstâ„¢, 3 September 2012 Here is the direct link to the pdf file. […]

Stirring but informative Clinton nomination speech for Barack Obama

I highly recommend to you the YouTube link to Bill Clinton’s 49 minute Nominating Speech for Barack Obama. Of particular use to health economists are his comments on the implications of the Romney-Ryan discussion of Medicare and Medicaid, I recommend that you watch the segment from 28:10 to 36:10. Watch 28:10 to 36:10 to […]