Welcome to the Championship live blog event!


The first game of the day is Yale v Middlebury! It looks like its going to be a really close game here, the current score is tied as we go into the last quarter!

Yale is seeded first in the division, Middlebury fifth.

Here is the play by play of the final quarter of the first championship game:

Time out called by Middlebury

Number 16 on Yale just made a goal bringing the score to 10 -9 Yale.

Number 2 on Yale just made a goal bringing the score to 11-9- Yale.

A shot by Middlebury, but no goal.

Another goal by Yale, making the score 12-9.

Yale is really picking it up here- another goal by 21.

Middlebury called a timeout, with 4:40 left in the game and a score of 9-13.

Goal by number 2 of Yale the score is now 14-9, Yale.

Number 2 of Middlebury just got ejected, Yale called a timeout but no goal on the 6 on 5.

Goal by number 5 of Yale.

Number 4 of Middlebury scores bringing the game to 15-10- Yale.

Another Middlebury ejection, but no goal on the man-down.

A beautiful goal by number 5 of Yale, in what was almost a one on one with the Middlebury goalie.

A block of the left hand goal corner by Yale, a quick turnover and another block of the top right goal corner by the Middlebury goalie.

20 seconds left in the game!

The final score is: 16-10, Yale.

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