We Wanna Go Back To Hawaii!

ALOHA! It’s been a week since the team’s trip to Oahu, Hawaii and we’re not happy about being back in the cold. We had a blast swimming in the clear ocean and tanning (or burning) under the warm sun. But the team also worked hard to prepare for the upcoming tournament and championship game in April. We did a mixture of exercises, mixing both land and water workouts: hiking up Koko head (1048 steps!), scrimmaging at different pools and running relays on the beach. Thank you to Le Jardin Academy, Kamehameha School, Iolani School and Mililani High School for allowing us to scrimmage with them in their amazing outdoor pools. Since both our team and the opposing teams split into the more advanced group and the less advanced group, everyone had a lot of time in the water and learned much more and showed a vast improvement. The girls learned a lot from the trip, not only about water polo, but also about each other. The cheetahs are ready to come out strong for their next games!

Here’s the link to our more detailed itinerary: http://www.bu.edu/fitrec/club/news.shtml#WomenWaterPolo

A big mahalo to the Cowan and Kheradpey families for providing the cheetahs with food, housing and transportation for the whole week!

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