Fall Beginnings

As the summer has officially winded down our ladies have been busy recruiting new members and volunteering in the community.

Back on September 9th the returning members got super spirited and helped recruit new Terriers with their flashy signs and stylish swim suit apparel. They must of done a great job as our team has a seen huge growth in size in the first few weeks!

In addition to being spirited, on September 17th our entire team, new and old members, got together super early and helped volunteer at the annual Hub on Wheels bike race that happens throughout the entire city of Boston. The girls passed out fruit, water and apple juice to the racers while also being positive reinforcement for the riders as they continued on the course.

In the next coming weeks our team hopes to continue to hone our craft of water polo and get our butts in shape to eventually participate in some scrimmages. Stay tuned for more information!


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