After Graduation

Before we meet all of our potential new teammates at Splash on September 8th from 12-2pm, lets check in on some of our recent grads and see what they are up to!

Lindsey Stevens is living a new apartment with her new 10 year old kitty, in Brighton working as an EMT while she gears up for grad school.  Through her crazy hours she always manages to reach out to old (although it doesn’t seem like it ) teammates and keep in touch.  She is loving not having the stress of midterms and finals but she does miss having some really awesome academic conversations that she got during her time at BU.  We miss you mucho but love to hear how well you are doing!

Next up is Camilla Stejskal! She is also living in the Boston area and is currently working as a lab manager and researcher with the BU Department of Chemistry but is looking for a position in research or biotech before continuing her studies! The focus of her work is understanding protein function using biochemical and molecular biology laboratory practices.  She is a big believer that biochemical research access problematic corners of science such as sustainable development, industrial chemical production and healthcare in a fascinating and decisive way! She appreciated the base knowledge and networks she has made at BU and how she has been able to use and expand them in her field.  She’s missing the water polo community very much, and claims that joining a new sport was one of her fondest memories from BU, aside from earning her degree! Keep killing it girl, we are proud!

Varsha Srivastava has been living it up this summer and we are all jealous she got to spend time in New York City with another alumni, Roslyn Harold, and celebrate Roslyns birthday together since she moved to Texas two years ago! She is headed back the Bay area for a little bit before she heads off to Barcelona!! She will be studying abroad there in the fall.  Although she still has school left, she misses practicing with the team and getting a regular work out in! Have lots of fun in Spain and please send photos!

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