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Good Start for the Cheetahs!

The team would like to give a shout out to the new players!

Bridget Eastes, Selby Knudsen, Christie Tang, Zoe Hurley, Catherine Xenakis, Allie DeLillo (a.k.a: Sunshine!), Spencer Baldacci, Olivia Wade, Olena Kowal, Nicolle Navarette, Blair Woods, Madina Mukhambetzhanova, Katy Cooke, Amy Hicks, Brianna Bickley, Colleen Cleary

The cheetahs won their first scrimmage of the year on Sun. Sept 30 against MIT. For most of the new players, this was their first water polo game. On Sun. Oct. 14, the girls also had a joint practice with Wellesley College.

Awesome job girls! Keep up the good work!