Sweat it Out: Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Giving up an addiction is one of the biggest steps in one’s life. Recovery means new opportunities, new people, new chances – new life journey. In order for the recovering individual to be prepared for the new challenges and abstain from turning back to drugs, it is critical for him or her to be in a good physical and mental shape.

Exercising for addiction recovery.

Exercise addiction therapy gives recovery a quick change. Besides strengthening the body, exercises relieve stress, positively alter brain chemistry and give a mental boost. Although merely the word ‘exercise’ is often associated with egregious workouts, it implies an infinite number of physical activities from ping-pong to ice-skating. The key to healthy and efficient exercise is to find the one you would enjoy the most.

Here are just a few options to consider.

CrossFit for addiction recovery

CrossFit combines exercises, solid nutrition program, and a team communication, all of which is a much-needed change from unhealthy to a sober lifestyle.

Elevate Addiction Services is dedicated to transforming the despair of addiction into a purposeful life of confidence, self-respect, and happiness. To help their patients effectively

recover from drug or alcohol addiction, Elevate offers CrossFit regimen that includes gymnastics, running, weight lifting, rowing and much more.


Yoga for addiction recovery

Yoga for addiction recovery.

If a high-intensity interval training and powerlifting is not your thing, try holistic therapy – yoga. There are different kinds of yoga, all of which provide mental and physical health benefits. More physically demanding “power yoga” focuses on strengthening the body while “restorative” yoga involves only five or six poses that allow you to relax and rest.

It’s no secret that stress can trigger a relapse. Whichever type of yoga you choose, any of them will take you through meditation, which helps to restore inner peace by releasing sadness, grief, and other festering emotions that might trigger a return to substance abuse. 

Hiking for addiction recovery

Nature itself is the best therapy. Hiking has long been utilized as one of the best pursuits to supplement addiction treatment because it connects the individual to nature like no any other activity does. A good hike develops self-esteem, gives emotional growth, feeling of joy and accomplishment – all of which were lost to substance abuse.

If you want to try hiking as a part of your recovery process, Elevate rehab campuses offer more than enough space to explore the wilderness. Elevate’s main facility flanks the Santa Cruz Mountains, which gives an opportunity to go on hikes of varying distances and difficulties.

Any team sport for addiction recovery

Playing ping-pong, volleyball or basketball is more than a good workout. Participating in casual team games can be a crucial element to a long-term recovery. Forming new relationships that don’t revolve around substance abuse helps recovering addicts feel integrated back into society.

Girl holding a volleyball

Although any exercise can be turned into team activity, the most popular team sports include basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, hockey, softball and tennis.

Swimming for addiction recovery

As the body gets weak from addiction, any physical load might feel unbearable for the joints and muscles. However, just by floating on your back, you are moving towards healing.

Water eases the joint and muscle tension. Even if you have never done sport before, in water your body adjusts to the pressure in its own way, allowing you to move comfortably at any pace. Water is cooling and gentle to the body, easing the sore or aching from withdrawals.

Kid being active in a swimming pool.

If you are interested in swimming, Elevate Santa Cruz-area facility features an outdoor pool, so you will have an opportunity to swim most of the year.


The activities described above are only few of the countless exercises that benefit addiction recovery. Wherever you live, you can always find access to some kind of physical exercise. However, if you want to join a specialized program that would guide you through the addiction recovery process, consider Elevate Addiction Services.

Elevate has two locations, one in Santa Cruz and another near South Lake Tahoe. With crisp, clean air and facilities such as pool, sauna, weight room, basketball and volleyball courts, both locations are perfect for fitness and recovery.


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An Elevated Approach With Exercise Addiction Recovery Services

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