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About An Eating Disorder: Signs, Causes, Dangerous Pills

Many people who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating show no outward signs and might appear happy while battling anxiety or other troubling emotions. Research suggests that about one out of every 100 women between 10 and 20 years of age are starving themselves, sometimes to death (Source 1). However, eating […]

Kids Are Not Alright – Depression in Teenagers

Whenever a teenager appears to be upset or in a bad mood, it is common to think that they are struggling with some insignificant problem rather than teenage depression. Bad grades, first break up, college rejection – all seem like temporary problems that will soon be forgotten and will not affect life in a long […]

Binge Drinking in College

As high school seniors gathered their diplomas and celebrated a long-awaited graduation, they began preparing for a new, exciting stage of their lives – college. Many of these students-to-be leave home for the first time in their lives, making their own choices and enjoying freedom from their parents’ judgments. But along with the new freedom, […]

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

Digital marketing or internet marketing is a new tradition – everything from news outlets to our wallet is now available on our smartphones and computer devices. But when it comes to marketing – does digital mean better? That is a long-standing debate among the small business owners because their budget will typically only stretch to […]

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Go ahead and try to find someone who will think that college is not stressful, and you will fail. College is stressful for everyone, at least at some point. How can one not get anxious trying to juggle school, part-time job, friends, and family while ultimately trying to figure out the path for the rest […]