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Slippery Career Ladder – How Work-Related Stress Causes Substance Abuse

The growing number of Americans are becoming both overworked and overwhelmed: works days blend with personal time, and some complain about the inability to control, or even plan their family time due to the constantly changing schedules. So, it is no surprise that such circumstances can lead to anxiety and high-stress levels. However, the hidden […]

Social Media Effects on Teens’ Mental Health

No matter what you did today on your computer or phone, it is very likely that social media was involved. Perhaps, you caught up with your friends on Facebook, updated your status in Twitter or shared a photo of your pets on Instagram? Statistically, you are more likely to use social media than not. According […]

Kids Are Not Alright – Depression in Teenagers

Whenever a teenager appears to be upset or in a bad mood, it is common to think that they are struggling with some insignificant problem rather than teenage depression. Bad grades, first break up, college rejection – all seem like temporary problems that will soon be forgotten and will not affect life in a long […]