Monthly Archives: July 2017

Facing The Abuse of Drugs in The Corporate World

Junkies, prostitutes, homeless, scattered needles – these are the images that come up in our minds when thinking about drug addiction. Addiction affects nearly everyone – either directly or as a person affected by another’s substance abuse. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, doctors, veterans, teachers, bosses, employees, co-workers – these are the titles that also fit […]

Lock up – Why Is It Important To Have A Good Home Lock?

When most people think of home security, they think alarm systems, video cameras, and motion detectors. These are important tools to improve the safety of the house, but perhaps the most critical component is something that many forget to consider – locking the door. Locking the door is your first defense against intruders. It’s a […]

Drinking Alcohol: The Health Pros and Cons

Today, alcohol is the second deadliest drug in the United States, after tobacco (Source 1). It’s also the most legal drug. Although alcohol is famous for breaking social barriers, it can also have serious consequences on the body and mind. Let’s review the pros and cons of alcohol being legal. Pro#1: drinking alcohol protects your […]

Overcoming the ‘writer’s block’ for content writing

It happens to every writer. It is inevitable. You sat down to write but the muse has left you, and the words don’t come into your mind. Yes, you encountered a writer’s block. But don’t get discouraged too quickly. Overcoming writer’s block is easier than you might think. Here are 10 powerful ways through which […]