Short-term vs Long-term Drug Rehabs


Any type of addiction is an extremely despairing condition for any individual. It can take over a person’s life to the point where their substance of choice is their only motivation for living. Things like family, career, friends, education, and career can all become relegated to meaningless in the face of the person’s addiction. As a result of this, addiction requires comprehensive treatment for an individual to be able to overcome this horrible condition. There are a few different types of treatment out there, but this post will be expanding to different types or rehabs – long term and short term treatments.

Two of the most commonly attended types of addiction treatment is short and long term rehabs. These treatment centers can vary in different ways depending upon the facility they are offering.

Short-term drug rehab

Generally speaking, short-term rehabs tend to last around 30 days long. Short-term rehabs are probably more frequently attended than long-term for several reasons.

beautiful-flowers-bloom-blossom-1115090First of all, they are commonly covered by the medical insurance policies. Most insurance policies have a set of a number of days that they will cover for substance abuse treatment, and it covers about 30 days on average. Hence, individuals suffering from addiction will attend these centers because their insurance will partially or fully cover it. In addition, it can be difficult for an individual to be away from their daily responsibilities, but it is almost always possible to arrange to leave for 30 days.

However, there are a few important disadvantages to these centers. One of them is that they are often not long enough for the patients to fully recover. It usually takes much longer than 30 days to address addiction, meaning some people may be discharged with their addiction not fully handled.

 Short-term care: Who is it right for?

As mentioned before, short-term care might be right for people who hope to get medical coverage of their treatment. Also, short-term facilities suit people who want to get help without a great deal of disruption to day-to-day life. People who enroll in short-term programs like this:

  • Miss very little work
  • Might continue living at home
  • Can assist with child care and elder care duties
  • Aren’t required to travel great distances for treatment

Patients struggling to make ends meet might not be able to put life on hold in order to handle addiction issues. They need to stay involved with their lives and habits so things don’t fall apart around them. Engaging in a short-term program might allow them to keep working on life while also addressing addiction.

apple-blooming-blossom-1002785Of course, short programs might be best for low-income families, but there are also others who can benefit from this form of care. For example, some determine that they have an addiction quite early. They are aware that they are making poor decisions, and they want to stop – they just need a little time to regroup in order to make it happen. Putting someone like this in a long-term program might not be helpful, as these people don’t need intensive care. Their addictions are new, and they remember what it was like before they started using drugs. A short season of care might be just right for them.

Long-term drug rehabs

Then comes long-term rehabs. These centers provide much larger range time range treatment for an individual, as they can last 90 days and more. This is often a large benefit, as it ensures that addiction is going to be more comprehensively handled. Many professionals agree that long term treatment might be better and this is borne out in its higher success rates. Unlike the most short-term rehab, long-term contain a more comprehensive recovery program. For example, Foundation Wellness Center, one of health care services for the treatment of substance abuse, drug addiction or alcoholism, not only ensures patients are ready to return to a sober life after 120 days of treatment but also allows clients to enter alumni program at the end of their treatment to ensure client receives support for any struggle they may come across in early sobriety and beyond.

carrying-casual-celebration-1282169One area to look at for both types is detox. Detox can take a couple of weeks in itself, after which a person would then begin the treatment program or behavioral intervention. The issue with short-term drug rehab is that detox could be part of their 30 days, meaning they may only have two weeks of additional treatment after detox. With long-term, a patient will have ample time to complete a detox, as well as o thought a full program.

Of course, the best center for each individual can depend upon their particular case of addiction, but long-term tends to provide much more in-depth and comprehensive treatment for individuals.

 Long-term care: Who is it for?

While short-term care might be right for some people, there other who might do better in a long-term care program. Often these are the individuals who have very long histories of addiction. They may have started using drugs when they were very young, and now, they are not sure how to live without drugs. Or they may have developed an addiction that is so intense that they just know they won’t be able to resist the urge to relapse. They have a lot of lessons to learn, and they need longer programs to learn those lessons.

Long-term care might also be helpful for people who have mental health issues as well as addiction. Patients like this need can benefit from lessons that help them with not one problem but multiple ones. It is not surprising, then that type might need programs that last a little longer. Picking up more skills can help them become truly safe.


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