10/30 Newsletter

Thank you to those of you who came out to join BU KSA at our annual Halloween Party on Friday. Although the night did get hectic and crowded, we hope you had a fun night overall 🙂 



Seoul National University Summer Program Info Session

– This is for anyone interested in spending a summer at Seoul National University in Korea.

– When: Thursday, November 1 from 6 – 8pm
– Where: CAS B36

Bibimbap Backpackers

– A group who travels around the world to globalize a classic Korean dish,bibimbap, is coming to BU to give out free samples. Yum 😛

– Check out this Wikipedia page for those of you unfamiliar with the wonders ofbibimbap!

– When: Friday, November 2 from 4 – 6pm

– Where: GSU Alley (basement of GSU, right next to BU Central)

– Join the Facebook event!

Shift Documentary Presentation with LiNK Nomads

– The Nomads are representatives from LiNK headquarters who are on a tour to raise awareness about LiNK.
– There will be a discussion and screening of Shift, a documentary.
– Shift Trailer
– When: Wednesday, November 7 from 7 – 9pm
– Where: CAS 211

Pepero Day (11/11) Sale

– Peperos are skinny cookie sticks dipped in chocolate that is traditionally exchanged between friends, families, or lovers to show how much you love them! Still don’t get it? Read this awesome blog for more info.

– We will be selling pretty packages of pepero with a custom note and delivering them on 11/11.

– When: Online order reservations start Saturday, November 3.

Payments & in-person pre-orders on Wednesday, Nov. 7 & Friday, Nov. 9

– Where: GSU Link

– Prices: $2 for the package and $1 extra for delivery (on-campus only)

– Look out for a post on our Facebook page for the online pre-order form!

– Send one to your big, little, best friend, RA, etc. to show them how much you appreciate them 🙂

Annual Culture Show

– This year’s culture show will take place on Saturday, Feb. 16 at the Tsai Performance Center.

– Sign ups to participate (anyone is welcome!) will begin shortly after Thanksgiving break.

– Check out the videos from last year’s culture show on our blog.



Course Recommendation

– Professor: Yoon Sun Yang
– If you need a Humanities CAS credit to fulfill, learn more about LK 383: Modern Korean Culture through Korean Cinema. No prereq and will be taught in English!


“Love and Purity over Self-Protection” Art Exhibit

– Artist: Chihoon Jeong, 3rd year graduate student at BU School of Theology

– When: Oct. 30 – Nov. 16

– Where: 745 Commonwealth Ave. Room B23 (basement of The School of Theology building)

– For more information, check out the Facebook event.



We hope you enjoyed your Monday off with Hurricane Sandy and hope to see you this Friday at GSU Alley for some yummy, FREE bibimbap!


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