Continuous Improvement

Project Management Program has a continuous improvement process that is aligned with the mission of the college.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Plan for Boston University is developed every ten years by a Strategic Planning Task Force, this plan identifies strategic priorities that will guide the university over the following 10 years. These priorities capture the core of “who we are” as a private research university and articulate clear commitments for our future. All colleges and departments/programs provide input. In our case we provide input to the Chair who provides input to the Dean. The Strategic Planning Task Force identifies a series of key University-wide initiatives that align with and support the five strategic priorities. Over a period of six months faculty, staff, and students are engaged to develop detailed implementation plans for each of these initiatives so that, a clear road map and action plan is established to bring this plan to fruition. This process concludes with Metropolitan College translating the university vision and mission and budgeting all programs such as Project Management Program



Based on the strategic initiatives budget is allocated at the college level. Subsequently program chairs and directors are asked to implement new programs or update existing ones. This typically involves significant market and curriculum research and assessment of enrolments and graduation data. (See the Appendix which describes a comprehensive curriculum research framework developed by the Director of Project Management and CLA approach developed by the Director of Digital of Digital Learning.)



New programs and courses are submitted to the department for a vote which is followed by a review by the APC and eventually the ECAP proposal is submitted to the university. Upon receiving a go-ahead for implementation of new programs, stakeholders are engaged, and new courses are released within 6 to 12 months



Time Line

Program Planning Apr-18
Consult with Industry Group and Subject Matter Experts
Implementation: May-19
– Curriculum Research:
– Program & New Course Design (after ½
Result:  New Certificate on PPM Designed
Execution (after ½ yr.) Sep-20
Result: New Courses Implemented
Annual Assessment Nov-20