Sex and the Bible: BU professor’s new book breaks it down

In her recently published book, Unprotected Texts: The Bible’s Surprising Contradictions About Sex and DesireBoston University School of Theology (STH) Professor Jennifer Wright Knust addresses the many questions and debates surrounding what the  Bible says about sex.  Covering everything from premarital sex and sexual desire to same-sex relations, Knust argues that the Bible cannot and should not be a rulebook for sexual morality.

The book has been featured in Newsweek and Knust is a guest voice this week on The Washington Post’sOn Faith” blog. In The Huffington Post, she talks with fellow BU Professor Stephen Prothero where she says “the Bible continues to be invoked in today’s public debates as if it should have the last word on contemporary American sexual morals,” and that “the only way the Bible can be a sexual rulebook is if no one reads it.”