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Cheating scandal rocks Atlanta Public Schools

According to a state report released last week, 178 teachers and administrators in 44 Atlanta schools have been implicated in a cheating scandal involving standardized tests issued annually at Georgia’s public elementary and middle schools.  The report claims that educators changed incorrect answers themselves or encouraged students to change them in order to meet specific […]

New school nutrition guidelines to be set for Boston Public Schools

Massachusetts is preparing to issue new school nutrition guidelines. It is being reported that the state’s Public Health Council will set some of the toughest standards in the country. Joan Salge Blake, a clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University’s Sargent College, offers the following comment: “With an alarming percentage of the state’s youth […]

Hardin Coleman on prevention pyramids

SED Dean Hardin Coleman discusses the pros and cons of the prevention pyramid tactic for student achievement:

Hardin Coleman on NCTQ Evaluations

SED Dean Hardin Coleman reacts to the National Council on Teacher Quality Evaluations:

Hardin Coleman on BPS’ Carol Johnson

SED Dean Hardin Coleman reacts to the reappointment of Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol Johnson: Watch this video on YouTube

SED Dean on Obama’s ed reform tactics

SED Dean Hardin Coleman reacts to President Obama’s plan for turning around underperforming schools, an approach that includes merit pay, easier removal of ineffective teachers and could taxpayers upwards of $77 billion.

Film examines pressure cooker culture in American schools

Many American schools have become academic and extra curricular pressure cookers that often push both students and teachers to their limits. Hardin Coleman, Dean of the Boston University School of Education (SED), discusses the new documentary, “Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture,” and how too hard of a focus on school statistics and strong […]

SED’s Charles White on civic engagement post Arizona shooting

The MetroWest Daily News included an opinion piece by SED Associate Professor Charles White in today’s paper entitled Civic education in uncivil times:

Will Kids’ Brains Freeze From So Many Snow Days?

According to School of Education Assistant Professor Scott Seider, parents shouldn’t worry too much about how snow days affect their kid’s learning.  He told “It’s more challenging for teachers when the learning process is disrupted by snow. But I think there are at least 50 factors that will impact a child’s quality of education […]