Starvation vacations, are they worth it?

Joan Salge Blake reacts to recent chatter in the blogosphere about the newest weight loss trend, the starvation vacation:

“If you went to bed weighing 130 pounds and woke up registering 180 pounds on the bathroom scale, then you need to seek out extreme measures from a health care provider. Quickly…

Since it is highly unlikely that this amount of weight gain occurred overnight, then it is equally unlikely that it can safely be shed from your body in a day, a week, or even month.

Following an extremely restrictive, unbalanced very low calorie diet coupled with unrealistic amounts of daily exercise is not your weight loss solution and may cause unhealthy symptoms and side effects such as nausea, dehydration, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, and loss of lean muscle mass, to name a few ill effects.

Before you consider the latest advertised and promoted fad diet program for drastic weight loss that is Twittering through your Smartphone , click here for a review and critique of a variety of Hollywood Celebrity’s Dramatic Weight Loss attempts over the years.

For the best advice, guidance, and support for losing weight, consult with a registered dietitian in your area. To find one, visit the American Dietetic Association website at:”

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