Arab League supports Palestinian bid for UN recognition

The Arab League said it will support a bid by Palestine to seek full membership in the United Nations later this fall. The move to statehood is opposed by Israel, the United States, as well as some countries in the European Union. It is believed that such a move will set up a confrontation with the U.S. in the U.N. Security Council. Boston University international relations professor William Keylor, author of “A World of Nations: The International Order Since 1945,” offers the following comment:

“If the Arab League resolution is introduced in the Security Council, the U.S. will probably veto it with a ‘no’ vote in deference to the concerns of its close ally Israel. Of the other permanent members, China and Russia will probably vote in the affirmative.

“Britain and France are the ones that would be put on the spot. Both are close allies of the United States, both in NATO and in the war on terrorism. But both also have a strong interest in preserving good relations with the Arab world.

“If both Britain and France vote ‘no,’ it will highlight Washington’s isolation on the Security Council concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

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