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William Grimes on NECN: Economic impact of Japanese earthquake

William Grimes, chairman of the International Relations Department at Boston University, appeared on NECN’s “This Week in Business” offering his perspective on the economic situation and impact of the Japanese earthquake. “The big parts of the disruption have to do with supply chain issues and electrical power generation, in terms of the country as a […]

Merry White on Fox & Friends discussing the role culture plays in the aftermath of a tragedy

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Mark Williams on Fox Business News: The future of nuclear energy in the wake of Japan’s earthquake

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Another test of disaster preparedness in the Pacific Rim

Enrique Silva, Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator in City Planning and Urban Affairs at Boston University’s Metropolitan College, offers the following insight into what the aftermath of today’s earthquake in Japan will be for the Pacific Rim and the impact of disaster preparedness and response systems: “Together with the February New Zealand earthquake, the earthquake and […]

Japan after the earthquake – a cultural expert’s view

Boston University anthropology professor Merry White, an authority on Japanese culture and society, offers the following cultural view of the earthquake in Japan and its aftermath: “This event will have a profound effect. Japan is no stranger to calamities and disaster has special, if not unique, meaning there. People have been waiting for The Big One, […]

Experts available to comment on Japan earthquake, tsunami

The following Boston University professors are available to offer expert commentary, analysis and insight on the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan early this morning, as well as the economic, political, and cultural impact on the country. Colleen Dalton, Assistant professor in the Department of Earth Sciences; Investigates the structure of the Earth’s interior using seismic waves […]

Haiti One Year Later

Enrique Silva, Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator in City Planning and Urban Affairs at MET, has visited Haiti four times since the earthquake that took place on January 12, 2010. Here are his thoughts: