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Campaign 2012: Perry, Christie, and Romney

Tom Whalen, associate professor of social science, offers his analysis on Rick Perry’s recent bad performances, and the potential for New Jersey governor Chris Christie entering the GOP race for president and what it means for Mitt Romney. Contact Whalen at 978-888-3131; tjw64@bu.edu or tjw64@comcast.net

Campaign 2012: The Rick Perry surge

Texas Gov. Rick Perry continues to lead in the polls since entering the GOP field of presidential candidates. Boston University social science professor Tom Whalen, an expert in American politics and the American presidency, gives his view on what Perry’s surge means: “I think the Perry surge is more about Mitt Romney dropping the ball […]

Campaign 2012: Who needs a strong showing in GOP debate?

Graham Wilson, chair of the Department of Political Science, and Tom Whalen, associate professor of social science, give their views on which GOP presidential candidate needs a strong showing in this week’s GOP debate to be held at the Reagan Library. Contact Wilson at 617-523-2540; gkwilson@bu.edu. Contact Whalen at 978-888-3131; tjw64@comcast.net.

Campaign 2012: Will Rick Perry enter the race?

Speculation is strong that Texas Governor Rick Perry will announce on Sunday his intention to run for president in 2012, one day after the Iowa straw poll. Boston University professors John Carroll and Tom Whalen offer their comments on what Perry’s entry brings to the GOP field of presidential candidates. Contact Carroll at 617-353-3493; carroll7@bu.edu; […]

Campaign manager for Jon Huntsman resigns

The campaign manager for GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has resigned. Communications director Matt David will become the new campaign manager. Boston University professor Tom Whalen, an expert in American politics, is available to comment on what this means for the Huntsman campaign. Contact Tom at 978-888-3131 or tjw64@comcast.net

Campaign 2012: Jon Huntsman declares candidacy for president

Jon Huntsman, former US ambassador to China and former governor of Utah, will officially announce his candidacy for president today. In today’s installment of our series “Campaign 2012,” our experts offer their analysis on what he brings to the GOP field. The experts are: Tom Whalen, an associate professor of Social Sciences; an expert on […]

Campaign 2012: GOP candidates

Today, Professor Voices kicks off a new occasional series called “Campaign 2012” which will run until election day November 2012. We’ve pulled together several Boston University experts who will give their views on key issues of the campaign. We’ve asked our first group of experts to weigh in on the current field of GOP hopefuls […]