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Should ex-dictators be prosecuted?

David Nersessian is a visiting professor at Boston University’s School of Law. He is an expert on international criminal law and the author of  “Genocide and Political Groups.”  He offers the following opinion piece of the prospects of prosecuting ex-dictators. “Mubarak’s detention makes me wonder what the ‘knock on’ effect will be in other countries […]

Mubarak, sons detained

Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his two sons have been put under detention pending an investigation over corruption allegations. Mubarak is being detained in his hospital room where he is being monitored for a “heart crisis.”  Boston University international relations professors Augustus Richard Norton and Charles Dunbar offer the following comments:

Augustus Richard Norton on Egypt: The power of the generals is in the spotlight

Boston University international relations professor Augustus Richard Norton is an expert on the Middle East and a member of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group. He is the author of “Hezbollah: A Short History”. He offers the following commentary on the situation in Egypt, the role of the military, and a possible successor to Honsi Mubarak. “The […]