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Virginia Slims, 1979

A study conducted by the Roper Organization, 1979. Includes many variables on perceptions of women. Data spss  sav file

Minnesota adolescents, 1981

A study of adolescents (eighth graders) from rural Minnesota. Self-administered questionnaires were filled out in class by 294 students, in groups of about 20-25 at a time, under teacher supervision. The data were collected in November 1981. Issues examined include: educational/occupational aspirations, sex roles, mean world, fear, trust, and perceptions of violence. There are two waves of […]

Fudan data, Taiwan, 1988

“In China, inquiries were made to about 25 high school principals in different parts of the country; only one, in Shanghai, agreed to participate. Of course, no single school could be broadly representative of Chinese adolescents (there are reportedly over 500 middle schools in Shanghai alone). Also, it was not possible to pretest the instrument […]

Connecticut Mutual study

From the report: The Connecticut Mutual Life Report on American Values in the 80s: The Impact of Belief was initiated as a broad survey intent on investigating the extent to which traditional American values have remained prevalent in contemporary society. Overview chapter on the study. An SPSS sav file of the data

Hungarian cultivation study, circa 1991

This is a Hungarian version of the kind of survey that the Cultural Indicators research team was doing in and around 1991. In addition to television measures and demographics, there are measures related to violence, sex-roles, confidence in institutions, freedom of speech, mean-world syndrome, science, aging, and health. The most complete version is the version […]

Images/Issues/Impact – The Media and Campaign ’92 (study and data)

A study of the role of media in the formation and shaping of attitudes in the 1992 Presidential Campaign, conducted by Justin Lewis, Michael Morgan and Andy Ruddock. A pdf of the report An SPSS sav file of the study data. An SPSS syntax file defining the data. Uploaded 9/20/2013

The Gulf War: A Study of the Media, Public Opinion and Public (study and data)

The Gulf War: A Study of the Media, Public Opinion and Public Knowledge is a study by Justin Lewis, Michael Morgan, and Sut Jhally (1991). The study looks at relationships between media consumption and understanding of and attitudes about the first Gulf War in Kuwait. From the study: Our findings suggest that the news media […]