Quick Links to Data

Virginia Slims, 1979

 A study conducted by the Roper Organization, 1979. Includes many variables on perceptions of women.

Connecticut Mutual study, 1981, SPSS sav file

A broad survey on American values

Minnesota adolescents, 1981

A study of 8th graders in rural Minnesota, with two waves of panel data.

Fudan, data on Chinese adolescents, 1988, SPSS save file

Survey of a Chinese high school in Shanghai, N = 1120, 1988

Gulf War Study, 1991, SPSS sav file

Looks at relationships between media consumption and understanding of and attitudes about the first Gulf War in Kuwait.

Hungarian cultivation study, 1991

This is a Hungarian version of the kind of survey that the Cultural Indicators research team was doing in and around 1991.

Campaign 1992 study, SPSS sav file

A study of the role of media in the formation and shaping of attitudes in the 1992 Presidential Campaign, conducted by Justin Lewis, Michael Morgan and Andy Ruddock.