Around Boston

When I fist moved to Boston (over two years ago), I arrived in town a couple of weeks before 1L orientation to explore the city. One of the best ways to see the city is just to walk around. I also took a Duck Tour (water/land tour vehicles that drive around the city and enter the Boston Harbor/Charles River). Although Duck Tours are possibly the biggest tourist trap, they are an entertaining way to see the city and learn random facts. Below are some of my pictures from that initial trip around town:

Apartment view
This is the view from my apartment. You can see the law school in the background (tall building with the tower on top). I like to think that this view means I cannot escape my homework even at home:)

Boston Harbor Area
Floating Around on Duck Boat.


The Pru (Prudential Building)
The Pru (Prudential Building)

Government Center
This government building at Government Center area is featured in several movies.

Only in Boston
Only in Boston can you find a joint sushi and Dunkin Donuts.

Copley Church
Copley Church.

Boston Street.

Boston Common
Boston Common.

John Hancock Building
The John Hancock Building.

Me and Mom in front of Duck Boat
In front of the Duck Boat.

State House
State House.