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Goodbye BU!

After finishing an amazing semester abroad in Hong Kong, I returned to Boston just in time to graduate from Boston University School of Law. Looking back on the last three years, I am thankful that I decided to study law at Boston University. Although law school is difficult and involves an unexplainable amount of hazzing, […]


The wide variety of interesting/intimidating/intriguing foods I have found in the last couple of months in Hong Kong and in my travels in Asia combined with my near obsession to try different food deserves at least a couple blogs 🙂 Really fresh (aka live) crabs at a night market in Bangkok: This is a strange […]

Hong Kong Highlights

There are many tourist attractions and local sites to see in Hong Kong. Since I have been here, I have spent a good amount of time exploring them. There are still many that I hope to see before I leave but here are a few of the highlights. The Peak: The Peak is probably the […]

Hong Kong University

Studying abroad in Hong Kong was one of the best (if not THE best decision I made in law school).  Not only have I gotten a unique experience that many other American law students will never have, but I also am (1) taking international business classes not offered at BU, (2) traveling around Asia (five […]

My law firm job search

DISCLAIMER:  What you are about to read is my PERSONAL experience.  The job search during law school varies from person to person.  The variables include location, law school ranking, type of law, government jobs, non-profit jobs, private laMy For me, the law school job search was a whirlwind experience during the fall of my second […]

Hong Kong in Five Days!!!!!

I have never traveled to Hong Kong (actually I have never stepped a foot in Asia), but in five days, I leave to study at the University of Hong Kong for five months.  International law and international business have interested me for years.  I dreamed of studying abroad during law school since my first year […]

Month of Madness

If you have noticed a large gap in between my blog entries lately, there is really only one explanation: FINALS!  When I was a first year (1L), I thought that the finals period would be easier and less stressful by my 3L year.  Although finals are different, the stress and rush during the month before […]

Asylum, Immigration, and Human Rights Clinic

Last year I participated in the Boston University Asylum, Immigration, and Human Rights Civil Litigation Clinic (AIHR).  The clinic was one of the best experiences I have had in law school.  After the stress of first year classes, I jumped at the opportunity to gain practical experience and law school credits outside of the typical […]

AJLM Social

Last Thursday, I attended a social for my journal, The American Journal of Law and Medicine (AJLM).  At BU, students can join on a legal journal during their second and third years.  Journal selection occurs through a writing competition in the first year. After finals in the fall of the first year, students have a […]

Around Boston

When I fist moved to Boston (over two years ago), I arrived in town a couple of weeks before 1L orientation to explore the city. One of the best ways to see the city is just to walk around. I also took a Duck Tour (water/land tour vehicles that drive around the city and enter […]