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Half Way Home

Since I have been in law school, I have used this blog primarily to speak about the sometimes awkward, sometimes difficult, always fun, refreshing, thought provoking challenges that I have experienced since I have arrived here in Boston. And though I would be lying over-simplifying if I said that the adjustment period is over or […]

Time is of the essence…

In law school there is never enough time. Time takes on a very different meaning here and you begin to realize that you value your time much more that you ever did before. Yet in that valuation of time you realize that despite how much you value your time…it really isn’t your time to value. […]

The News Muse

¬† I love reading the news… I mean… I REALLY REALLY LOVE READING THE NEWS On facebook (and other social media sites) I am what you call a serial poster. I mean…I truly have a problem… A problem which in many ways has yeilded a solution to other problems… I didn’t understand just how this […]

No Country for Old Law Students

As winter break is coming to a close and as I reflect on both the short time I spent at “home” in Las Vegas over break (5 days) and the time I have been in Boston (5 months) I have thought about what “home” means. As a person who lived in the the same 5 […]

Change Cometh

As I sit in my apartment counting down until I, the last remaining out of town captive (see victim) of BU Law’s 1L class departs for a short (5 days thanks to my lovable but arguably inconvenient puppy) vacation (reprieve, parole) to my home (if I even truly have one of those) in Las Vegas, […]

“Secondary Sources”

As a person who has spent much of my time dedicated to creativity, originality, and independent thought, law school is somewhat hard to adapt to. I come from the world of film and the culture of hip hop. In film it is the goal of the story teller to find new and innovative ways to […]

Scrambled Egg(heads)

Law school is an interesting place in that it forces otherwise highly intelligent, capable,¬†academic rock stars to become overly self-conscious, timid workaholics who melt under the sheer weight of the experience and the intimidatingly obvious intellect of their professors. Of course this proverbial scrambling of the egg heads is all par for the course in […]

The Over Underclassman

Being a first year law student who is older on average than most of the 2nd and 3rd year law students can pose interesting challenges. On the one hand it is cool because you are not alone, if you are savvy, you can typically find a couple of other students (indeed two of the people […]

Legal Train(ing)

It is often said that with great power comes great responsibility. I think that I would take it a step forward and say that the journey towards great power also necessarily comes with great responsibility. Since my arrival at BU we have been told tons of times about how everything we do can have repercussions, […]

Assuming the wish…

In torts class we have recently begun to discuss “assumption of the risk” as a defense for negligence. Briefly defined assumption of the risk is a defense when the plaintiff has voluntarily and knowingly assumed the risks inherent to the (dangerous) activity in which he/she was participating at the time of the injury. If I […]