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Access to wealth in a complex economy, Part 4: Buying a dream neighborhood

Two weeks ago, BU Law hosted a financial planning workshop with a personal finance professional that has been advising clients for 30 years regarding how to build wealth. We learned the Rule of 72. Divide the number 72 by the interest rate that your money is getting and you’ll know how long it will take […]

Imprisoning Innocents: A Case Study

In my Wrongful Convictions course Tuesday night, I met Dennis Maher, a man who spent nineteen years in prison for rapes he did not commit. His story, and that of far too many others I have learned about this semester, reflects the most heinous failures in our criminal justice system. Not one, but a string […]

Internal monologue

My little man is learning math. Since the birth of his baby sister on March 6, he noted that we are now a family of four. He continued: then when we have another baby we’ll be five, then when we’ll have another baby we’ll be six, then when we have another baby… I knew this […]

Privileged Not Protected…

This week has been a fantastic week to be black law student in Boston. On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending Massachusetts Black Lawyer’s Association annual gala, where I had the opportunity to meet and commiserate with student friends, mentors, and practitioners. The night gave me a spectacular view of all of the […]

Tunnel Vision

A journalist recently asked me to respond, as a law student, to the video posted on Huffington Post in which law students tell their sixteen-year-old selves not to go to law school. My first reaction: the video is a funny piece of satire that reminds me of the videos created by BU Law’s own sketch […]

Bread, hummus, raw vegetables and coffee

A few evenings ago, as my wife and I were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner, she said: “Wow, you know what I haven’t cooked in awhile? Food.” That’s the pace of life these days. This morning we let our son pick his own breakfast because he was uninterested in anything we suggested, […]

Law School is like writing a song

I am sure my good friend Mr. Linhart can appreciate this… As a musician, I am always surprised by what inspires my creativity. There are times when I want to write a song, but can’t do so, either because I lack an instrumental (in which case I have to go through the process of creating […]

Access to wealth in a complex economy, Part 3: ROI

My wife finished her double Masters in social work and public health at BU last summer. In her last semester, she took a class on health law and got to taste the sweet nectar of legal analysis. When I think about “legal analysis” the first image that pops to mind is a 1L protesting a […]

The Second Year Itch Part 1

It’s amazing how much a year and half-plus can alter your views. I often think about the things that I said wanted to use my law degree for when I drafted my personal statement for law school. I think about who I was and where I was at that point in my life and attempt […]

3L Superbowl

Before the Patriots took on the Giants last Sunday, a group of BU Law 3L’s played our own game of pig-skin at a local park. The players represented a good cross-section of the friends and peers I’ve associated with over the last two-plus years. Most of the players had been in my 1L Section, guys […]