Alumni updates

The Core loves hearing back from alumni on their lives since graduating from the program! Here are some highlights on people from classes past submitted this past spring and summer.

  • TOM DASILVA (Core ’08, COM ’10) is a fresh graduate of BU and is currently interning as an assistant editor in a TV studio in Newton. He is currently working on several projects of his own, including designing and programming a video game, drumming in local bands, and editing home movies for his family and friends. He can be reached via Facebook or at
  • ANJALI LAI (Core ’08, CAS ’10) is splitting her time between the academic and professional world, and is driven by her passion for English Lit in both pursuits. While taking Comparative Literature graduate classes part-time at Columbia University, she is also working in Marketing/Communications for the New York Public Library’s Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers, an international fellowship awarded to academics, creative writers, and visual artists who use the library collections and the city itself as inspiration for independent projects.
  • ERIK CHARLES NIELSEN (Core ’01, CAS ’03) has appeared in several episodes of the popular comedy series Community, and is living in Los Angeles and performing stand-up comedy. From a comedy review blog: [Erik] got his comedic start in Boston, got a comedic break in Aspen last year, and … even though he’s technically acting in this sketch for Erik the Librarian, that the genius of Erik is that for everyone who doesn’t get him or doesn’t want to get him, there are plenty of other people (among them, comedians) who simply cannot stop laughing. Just watch the reaction from The Office’s Mindy Kaling.” Erik is on Twitter and Facebook.
  • THOMAS POTTER (Core ’96, SED ’98) has been a French teacher in Wilbraham, MA, for the past ten years, excluding last year when he was in Dakar, Senegal teaching English. He keeps a blog at, and can be reached at

We’d love to hear from you too! If you’d like to update us on what you’ve been doing recently, please send a short description to, and it will be added to the EnCore classnotes page.

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